Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jang Hyuk dancing in Singapore

I was going to have tea with a couple of friends tonight when one of them received an sms suddenly- 'Jang Hyuk in Singapore! Filming with Fann Wong!'

Well, that caught all the 3 of us by surprise. And it got Urs really, really, really excited. (Urs- I think my right arm got bruise liao).

Anyway, we spent the next 15 minutes or so trying to figure out if the news was for real and what movie could he possibly be filming in Singapore. Finally, I sms a couple of my contacts and bingo! We got confirmation.

Yes...he's in Singapore now....just arrived hot off the plane on 16th July, at 9.45pm.

So what movie is this?

Ok....hold on to your chair... he's going to be filming his first hollywood movie! Yes! In Singapore! No less!

Dance of the Dragon

He will be acting together with Jason Scott Lee, and our very own Fann Wong and Lim Kay Tong.

Jang Hyuk

Fann Wong

Jason Scott Lee

OK, before you get excited, Jang Hyuk is not the main lead. Jason Scott Lee is. ^^

Produced by Eastern Light Film Productions, it will be filmed in Singapore for the next couple of months.

Jason Scott Lee (well known for his role as Bruce Lee in the 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story') is Cheng, a martial arts champion (this is not surprising) and is Fann Wong's boyfriend.

Fann Wong is a ballroom dancer (this is also not surprising as she can dance).

And Jang Hyuk? He plays Kwan, a young (he is 4 years younger than Fann in real life), aspiring ballroom dancer from China, who comes between Jason and Fann. HUH?

Jang Hyuk can dance meh? And ballroom dancing? Ok, ok.... I shouldn't set my opinion so early...but see, I kept thinking of this scene.

So it's kind of difficult to think of him in this kind of scene:


And oh, Lim Kay Tong, a very respectable veteran actor will act as Kwan's (Jang Hyuk) father. I can't seemed to find a proper picture of Lim Kay Tong, but you watch a trailer of one of his old movie, 'Perth' here.

This is going to be interesting.

Anyway, it seems the production company is looking for help as extras, BTS assistance etc. So if you fancy being up close and personal, you can try out for any of these part-time jobs. Go here and here for information.

More information on IMDb and on Fann Wong's fanclub

Now, I'd really like to see him in action, so if anyone has any information about the filming sites, please, please tell me hor.

W, who went to the airport tonight, said that he's good looking and very fair. hehe! Alamak, she also shook his hand! I should have gone too....!!!!


o-cha said...

I saw your post in soompi and decided to visit your blog. What a wonderful news for Jang Hyuk to be starring in an English language role. I can't imagine being a ballrom dancer right now..hehehe but I'm sure he'll be dashing. Thanks for the great news.

tiffany said...

Hi o-cha

Well...I'm trying to imagine him as a ballroom dancer as well...pretty difficult after watching Thank You.

But it is exciting to know that he will be filming in SG.

Am going to try and see if can find out where he is filming. ^^

chu said...

Hi there~
I heard from my friend Janghyuk is in town..and found ur blog.. :)
I really wanna see him too.
Hope u can share some info in ur blog too. I'll be glad to read abt it.

han min chung said...

This is one of my favorite thing to visit your site. ^^
I read the jang hyuk's acting in singapore in newspaper.
I heard that he was very good at gymnastics in school, also good at all the sports. But I'm not sure about the dancing.
And I think he is a bit short, how tall is fann wong?

tiffany said...

Hi Chu...

I'm afraid I also don't have much infor at the moment. It's whatever my friends tell me..hahah!

But I'll try and update here if I do have any confirmed news. ^^

tiffany said...


I would love to see do ballroom dance. Hey...maybe you can tap into your Korean community to find out more? Hehe!

I've answered your question re their heights in my latest post. :p