Friday, July 13, 2007

Coffee Prince Shop No 1

I've just got hooked on another drama besides 'Capital Scandal'. One that makes me where all the characters have pretty good chemistry. But one that I didn't expect to be so watchable.

'Coffee Prince Shop No 1' stars Gong Yu, Lee Seon Gyeon, Chae Jung Ahn and Yoon Eun Hye.

And of all the people, I am most surprised by Yoon Eun Hye. Like Ju Ji Hoon, I thinks she has improved by leaps and bounds since her first drama- 'Princess Hours'.

Yoon Eun Hye is Go Eun Chan, a real tomboy and the 'man' of the house since her father passed away. She takes on various jobs to support her mother's immature spending habbits and her sister, who's still schooling.

Gong Yoo is Choi Han Kyul, the grandson of a big food company...and also a bumper. He's quite a ladies' man but he seems to be fond only of Han Yoo Joo (Chae Jung Ahn), who happens to be the girlfriend of his cousin, Choi Han Seong. Han Kyul is forced by his grandmother to manage a cafe for 3 months and turn it around or she will stop all the financial support.

Lee Seon Gyeon is Choi Han Sung, a music producer, whose girlfriend dumped him 2 years but is now back again in his life just as suddenly.

Anyway, through some strange misunderstanding, Han Kyul thinks Eun Chan is a boy and because of circumstances, she did not correct this misunderstanding either.

Like some of the good dramas, there is chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye and the 2 male leads. Her actions aren't too over-the-board. In 'Princess Hours', there were times when she was just a little too cute. I'm glad to say she is believable in this drama. Doesn't she looks like a cute little 'boy'? ^^

Remember the shopping scene in 'Pretty Woman' by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? There is a similar scene here too...only that Yoon Eun Hye is being being dressed up in men's clothes by Gong Yoo...hahaha! You can watch it here.

Do they look like a couple?:P

And most of us are oohh—and---ahhhing over Lee Seon Gyeon and his manly, sexy voice. Don't believe me? Click here to listen to him sing to Yoo Joo in episode 4.

Han Sung singing to Yoo Joo at home. Sigh...what a view!

And this guy has a certain charisma, though he's not the type that you would say is good looking upon first impression. I've not seen him in other shows (he was in White Tower) but I do remember him in SG Wannabe's latest mv- Arirang.

Combine that slightly goofy but charismatic look together with the to-die-for voice...and I am hooked. I'll take him over Gong Yoo, thank you.

Speaking of Gong Yoo.....I think he looks better here than in 'One Fine Day'. Not that I watched it....I glanced through it and was more mersmerised by Nam Gung Min instead. Haha!

Anway, besides the 4 main leads, the 'side' characters are just as interesting.

The no-nonsense grandmother, the pretty, business-minded sister who aspires to be a singer, the simple-minded (but with a great bod) school drop-out who is busy pursuing the sister, the girly Korean/Japanese waffle maker guy and finally Manager Hong, who ran the cafe initially. Gosh...that Manager Hong can be pretty digusting...Don't watch his antics if you are eating as it ranges from digging his nose, to scratching his armpit.

And finally, hehe, one of my favourite 'side' character- Terri

There have been a few shows- Japanese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese (the latest was 花样少年少女) where the girl acted as a boy. However in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1', it was done unintentionally in the beginning. It would be interesting to see how this progress and if they can maintain the fresh factor.

And though I don't drink coffee, I do enjoy the occasional latte. Wouldn't mind going to the cafe to check it out leh.


There seems to be more and more 'naked' men in Korean dramas. All of them seems to be showering, bathing and stripping for some reasons or another. In the 4 epsiodes, there was already one bathing scene, a few dressing/undressing scenes and a stripping scene. Hmm.....interesting....I'll write about this on another post.

Credit for photos: as stated on the pictures
Credit for the song clip: shirley on soompi

Watch the preview here

I should be even busier next week as 'Time of the Wolf and Dog' (Lee Jun Ki) will be starting. I hope it will be good.

I need 48 hours..


JesW_21 said...

Hi TIff !

i'm also into Coffee Prince and Bad Couple right now...
Love YEH in CP although i don't have a good impression of her in S'pore last year.she really improved a lot since Goong. Errrmh...i also like Lee Seon Gyeon better (if compared to GongYoo)...Javabeans described him a mix of kim dongwan+uhm tae woong...ha ha..agree? i quite like the kor/jap waffle guy....he's quite mysterious till i get all curious about him!

Bad Couple- its not bad a show by SBS, as we know SBS dramas have plots full of flaws...i quite enjoyed it...u can watch when u free...ha ha considering the 5-6 dramas u wanna watch now...shan'dt make you watch 1 more...hee hee...

after reading yr reviews on Capital scandal, i'm so curious to start it soon! and thanks for your reminder on Lee Jun Ki's new drama- i will definitely watch it just to see LJK.

i was thinking whether 48hrs is still enough for us? doubts so...ha ha ha.....
i don't even the chance to experience any withdrawal symptoms(which i alway go through bad moody and empty 1 week upon drama ends) after finishing AirCity cos i have to keep updating myself with other dramas!!!

tiffany said...

Jess ah..

haha! Yes..I think 48 hours may not be enough. I've stll got stacks of old dramas and movies. Leep putting them off because of the new dramas.

I heard about Bad Couple and will try and watch it later. But seriously, don't know where I'm going to fid the time.

You must watch Capital Scandal. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

i love Coffe Prince too ;)
can i ask you what is the name of the song that Choi Han Seong sings to yoo joo? i really like that song and if you can help me i really appriciate it. tQ