Friday, July 20, 2007

Apples and cafes

Coffee Prince No 1 is getting more interesting and this week's episodes 5 & 6 were really good with many funny scenes. Poor Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) finds himself developing feelings for Eun Chan (whom he believes to be a a guy) and thinks he may be becoming a gay. He's going to see a psychiatrist in next week's episodes. Actually I remember that was a similar theme in the movie 'He's a Woman, She's a Man' (金枝玉葉) starring the late Leslie Cheung, Carina Lau and Anita Yuen. But I think so far, this is funnier.

Anyway, in episode 5, the Cafe Princes went on a trip to pick apples.


This reminds me of my first trip to Korea. We were on our way to Chaum Beach('Winter Sonata') and had a bit of extra time. Our guide asked us if we wanted to go to an apple farm, which was along the way. Hehe! Of course we said yes. It was a first for many of us including me. ^^

Hehe! Me and my apples.

I wished I had a ladder though as I could not reach the nicer apples at the top. It was really fun and the appples were very sweet.

And I wish I could have a drink in the Coffee Prince Shop No 1 as it looks really nice. Actually there are many of these such nice, cosy cafes in Seoul, espeically Gangnam and Apejung.

The vicinity where Gorilla in the Kitchen is located (도잔공원) has many cafes and restaurants. There was a guide published in one of the fashion magazine that I brought in last year. The next time I'm in Korea, I'm going to try some of them out. Hehe!

Click on the pictures for a larger picture.

Gorilla in the Kitchen

I went to Gorilla in the Park last year. It is of course one of the must visit place fo BYJ fans as it's opened by him and is one of the place where there is hope of seeing him. So Ji Sub has also been spotted there often enough as well. Not sure about Lee Na Young though. Hehe!

I like the food and the decor. Seriously, the food is good, even Li Yi of Yes93.3 said so.



But frankly, I still prefer tea and O'Sulloc remains one of favourite. ^^ I love the desserts especially.

Aiyah, I want to go apple picking and have a drink with the Cafe Princes.

Han Kyul

Eun Chan

Min Yeop

Son Gi

Manager Hong

Bits and pieces on Jang Hyuk in Singapore
He was seen at Century Square on Wednesday. What on earth was he doing in Tampines? Alamak, if he is going to immerse and familiarise himself with Singapore, ask him to come to Bishan leh. And A is extremely happy as she finally managed to see him last night. haha! Ok, now I must go get the details out of her.


hanminchung said...

Hi, Tiff.
I just finished 'Thank you' and it was real good one. I just kept crying.
and oh.. I read a story in Korean newspaper and BYJ will pay 10 million us dollars for tax!! only for tax!!! can you believe this?
I wish I just can earn 10 million dollars. hehe.
btw, I like cafes in seoul especially Apgujeong, chungdamdong and hongdae.
I recommend chungdamdong, there are alot of cool cafes, and you can see many good looking guys as good as BYJ in chungdamdong.

tiffany said...

Hi Han...

'Thank You' was really good. The story was simple but cast was brilliant. I like Bom and the grandfather.

Yeah, BYJ is really earning lots of money. Wish I could do that too. ^^ But he has to earn his money now or he may have less chance to do so as he gets older..with so many young male actors coming up.

Oooohhh... I like cafes in Korea too. I've not tried chungdamdong. Will check with you if I next go Korea.

Btw, Han... I need your email address... ^^ Can you drop me a line? Thanks!

han min chung said...

Hi, Tiff
my e-mail is
hehe ^^
I wish we can meet someday before i go back to korea.

Bubble said...

Hello Tiffany,
Just 'bumped into' your wonderful blog...yea,Osulloc is awesome, especially the greentea tiramisu (slurppp slurpp drooling)...If you like a traditional feel, Insadong is a good place too, for tea and arts...^^Btw, how often do you visit the Kimchiland?

tiffany said...

Hi bubble

How did you 'bumped' onto my blog? I'm curious. Yeah, I like the gren tea tiramisu too and allt he cakes. Sigh...

Before my girl came along...I went to Kimchiland once a year. I've been there about 4-5 times. Hopefully can make a quick trip there soon. What about you?