Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seoul Dream Concert

Sorry...have not been able to post for the past one week due to personal reasons...미안해요.. Will try and be a little more 'diligent' this week. hehe!

Now I'm not sure how many of you have attended a concert in Korea... it could indoors like KBS Music Bank or outdoors. But if you did, I'm sure you would agree that the atmospheare is very different from concerts held in Singapore.

The audience at the Korean concerts are so lively and enthusiastic. The artistes feed on these vibes and are therefore even more energetic in their performances.

Of course, the fans can be a little scary....the younger they are...the more supportive they are...vocally and physically. This ajuma definitely no fight for them.

Anyway, on the 9th June, Dream Concert was held at the Jamsil Seoul Olympic Main Stadium. There was another Dream Concert held on the 7th June at Ulsan but with a lot less artistes. It seems there have been similar Dream Concerts held in the past but I think there wasn't one last year.

As with previous Dream concerts, there were some of pretty established as well as up-and-coming artistes performing. Obviously, not all of them are my favourite but I was impressed upon seeing the list. Do wish I could have been there and soak in the atmospheare.

If the following artistes sound alien to may have to take a 101 lessons on the Korean music scene. hahaha! But then again..the scene changes so much all the time with new groups and artistes out that I too have a hard time following. Anyway, here they are, in order of appearance at the concert. Infor thanks to Alexiel on soompi

MC Sniper and Bae Chi Gi

Song- Smile Again. Watch it on youtube

Wonder Girls

Song- Irony. Watch it on youtube

K Will

Song- 왼쪽 가슴 (Left Chest). Watch it on youtube


Song- 맘에 들면 (If you wanna) + Break It. Watch it on youtube


Song- 까만안경 (Black Glasses). Watch it on youtube


Song- 그녀와난 (That Girl and I). Watch it on youtube

Yoon Ha

Song- 비밀번호 486 (Secret Number 486). Watch it on youtube

See Ya

Song- 사랑의인사 (Love Greetings). Watch it on youtube

Seo In Young

Song- 너를원해 (I Want You) + HIT. Watch it on youtube

The Grace (CSJH)

Song- 한번더, OK. Watch it on youtube


Song- Cupido. Watch it on youtube

Epik High

Song- Fan. Watch it on youtube

SG Wannabe

(hehe! Doesn't Kim Jin Ho look like a shaggy dog? He was the only member moving to the music on stage. ^^)

Song- 한 여름날의 끔 . Watch it on youtube

Lee Hyo Ri

(Whenever I see the song title, I kept thinking of the advert for maggie noodles. Sorry!)
Song- Toc Toc Toc. Watch it on youtube

Super Junior

Song- U. Watch it on youtube

Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/TVXQ)

Song- O 전반힙 . Watch it on youtube

I think I only really like about 3 of them. I find most of the other songs a little loud. But that's just me.... Haha!

And some of the artistes are really new. You can see it in their dance steps and their singing but you just never know...maybe in a few years' time, they may become the next Shinhwa or Rain.

But hor some of these artistes seriously need a new stylist lah..

SeeYa for one...I mean come on...puffy sleeves jacket, frilly blouse and pleated, short skirt? It is not is just out-dated. The one redeeming factor? Their voices aren't too bad.

If See Ya has to loose those 'sweet' clothes, then Paran should their silly blue ties/ ribbons. But hmm.... it may just team up well enough with the red ties from Wonder Girls.

Having commented about See Ya's clothes, I must say that they are one of the 2 female artistes (the other being Yoon Ha) who did not wear tight/ short/ sexy/ revealing clothes. And you should see the way they dance. My eyes almost poped out at Seo In Young's performance (see her picture above)...and I'm an ajuma..hmm...then again...maybe it's because I'm an ajuma. haha!

And no matter what Urs say, I'm still not inpressed with Wonder Girls. Nor with Paran (though Ryan is still cute) or Kara. I think The Grace is not too bad. And I am now vaguely interested in DBSK (maybe it's their balck hair, never did like their blond hair. ^^)

But I have to take my hats off off these artistes though...most of them dance have really put in effort and are rather good in their performances. It takes a lots of practice to dance and sing well and with confidence.

Oh...forgot to tell you that the MCs were Lee Whee Jin and Eugene. Hmm...Eugene looks different leh...prettier..

Remember what I said about the atmospheare earlier? Well....the stadium was filled full of fans for the various artistes? Just take a look.


The stadium is divided into sections for the fans. See chart below. I'm speechless

According to information above, there are an estimated 10,000 fans for DBSK and 7,000 fans for Super Junior. I don't know if there are really that many...but I think it's not far off..looking at the photos.

The last song for the concert..sung by all- Ah! Korea. Watch it on youtube


Don't worry...I haven't change my nationality. I'll be saying 'We are Singapore' on my Breakfast blog soon. hehe!


아이니 Aini said...

Wah...I want to go also. But how come no SSK fanclub in purple?

By the way, our Singapore Fansite is ready. Lilac Dreams it's called.

Have a look.

han min chung said...

These singers are quite new even for me. But I'm not sure how long they can stay in this competitive industry, after few years you can see only few of them. H.O.T had more fans than TVXQ long time ago, and now no more H.O.T.
Well, maybe I'm a bit old to be one of those passionate fans.
I prefer to go to Lee seung hwan or Lee juck's concert and go crazy for songs. It's really fun, and yes Korean fans are really enthusiastic. Singaporeans are quieter and plain..haha.

tiffany said...

ani ah...
how come got no SSK fanclub in purple? Because he didn't perform mah.

Congrats on the new site. Will drop by later. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Han!

Although I know about these groups or at least have heard of them...I'm afraid they're not really my type either..except for
SG Wannabe
Eru and maybe
K Will

Like I said, I'm too old for these loud songs.

And yes, it's so competitive in the Korean entertainment scene isn't it? I have a hard time keeping up.

And I totally agree about Singaporean fans---not as much fun most of the time. ^^

Susan said...

Love your blog.... I love Jang Hyuk too... will visit your site very often now.. and i love Kdrama

tiffany said...

Hi Susan..

Thanks for dropping by. ^^