Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Korean cosmetics

So why am I playing the theme song from 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'? Hehe! Because I saw this yesterday:

Ahh...another Korean beauty chain has opened up shop in Singapore. Wow...and to think that 3 years ago, there were none at all! At one time, a few of us wanted to bring in the franchise for The Face Shop. We know there would be a demand for it because we were feeling deprived ourselves. haha! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to pull it off.

Anyway, I find it fascinating that Korean beauty brands actually engage male actors as their spokesperson. I think this is probably rather unique to Korea. So you have Jang Dong Gun speaking for Missha, Kwon Sang Woo the face for The Face Shop, Lee Jun Ki for Vonin and now Hyun Bin for Beauty Credit.


If you think about it, it makes sense as most of their customers would be women. And with the Korean Wave, more and more non-Koreans are buying these Korean cosmetics/ skin care. In fact, The Face Shop branch in Myeong Dong has assistants who speak Japanese and Chinese.

My stash of Korean cosmetics

As for me, yes, I've fallen in love with their products as well, as did many of my K crasy friends. In fact, there is always a long shopping list whenever anyone go to Korea.

A major draw of these Korean cosmetic brands is the affordability. A normal face mask costs Kr1,000won. That's about S$1.65. All of us are totally in love with these face masks that comes in a wide variety. (Btw, face mask is real handy when you are suffering from skin dehydration when overseas). And lipsticks and eye shadows normally do not cost more than S$20, though there are more expensive range.

Face masks, anyone?

The other draw is the freebies that they give away freely and readily. Ok, call it cheap thrill but it is really fun to get all these little satchets and mini samples. Not to mention that they're really great for trying out new products.

Free! Free! Free!

It's no wonder that all the women in Korea are well made-up all the time- even the ajumas going to the market. Compare that to the majority of aunties here who do their marketing in their sleepwear and flip-flops.


Of course, the women are also often engaged to be spokesperson for cosmetic brands as well. Jeon Ji Hyun stirred up a wave of interest recently because of her short hair in the Laneige make-up stand ad.

My main dish, Bae Yong Joon himself was selling 2 way-cake way, and some sort of nose peel/ pack way back then (think it was 1995). I'm sure the sales of these products would increase dramatically if he is the spokesperson today. They would definitely be more affordable than a condomunium (Kyeongnam) or a security system (SECOM). ^^

Nose peel/pack CF

My favourites at the moment- Milk Mania Cleansing Cream from Skinfood (for removing make-up) and Green Grape Yoghurt Foam Cleanser from Missha (I love the fact that Missha products are animal friendly).


Jesw_21 said...

Hi Tiff, my friend Cheryl refer me to your cute article early this morning...ha ha

I saw your pics of the Korean products and i was thinking i should be worse than you cos i bought a lot frm korea and in Spore,especially TFS products! hee hee...But i have to agree that some of the Korean brands are better(although they do not perform 'miracles' as in'tl renown brands claimed in ads)than the in'tl renown brands we can find in S'pore.

I'm now using SkinFood-Seaweed range. i find their seaweed range is quite light n refreshing for oily/combi skin,as compared to TFS which is still a bit 'greasy' for me.i also have the Missha Grape Yogurt peel off mask! not too bad for the price. and I love Laneige Water sleeping Mask! It really hydrates my skin and my skin will 'glow' next day! ha ha...

I also love their free samples and freebies that come with purchases.and posters are free to take whereas we have to spend certain amount before we can get posters...

Sheet masks are also my FAV! i even bought almost 100 sheets back frm Korea in '05!of cos some are mine, friends' and some as gifts... Those in Watson's in Korea are cheap- can be 500Won-800won/sheet only! if i wanna recommend a better but affordable one, TFS sheet masks are quite good for their prices too,although i heard that some of the prices went up in Korea this year.

i tried the Beauty Credit basic range last year and it was just so-so for me, and mind you the produtcs are not cheap in Spore! Even Missha have come out with new range with prices which can compete with brands in dept stores here!

I think Korean cosmetics brands are still popular as long as Korean wave is still strong....

Mawee said...

How come its cheap there? Here before I get my hands on a FaceShop
product I have to save up half a month of my allowance :( heehee..
anyway only korean cosmetics shop here is just Face Shop~ Kwon Sangwoo!!! too bad I didnt had the chance on seeing him face to face when he promoted it here *cries*

tiffany said...

Hi Jessica..

haha! Yes.. we all go a little crasy over the cosmetics when we are in Korea..

But I find most of their products good value for money. And the freebies are big incentives. If only shops in Singapore are more generous.

I like Skinfood range too. Have not really tried Beauty Credit products except for shower gel. Hmm..maybe it's time to try it out.

tiffany said...


hehe! The products are really cheap in Korea (though rices have risen a little over the years. Doesn't help that the Korean won is so strong now). That is why we all go on a shopping spree whenever we go Korea.

And err.... I didn't see KSW when he was in SG as well. ^^

Sherry said...

wow so much I dont know about korean cosmetics

Stephaine said...

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