Thursday, June 14, 2007

'Dirty' artistes?

I was on msn with Urs the other night when she asked me if I've seen Eru's new look. She really like his new 'dirty' image.

For a second, I was stunned. What did she mean by 'dirty'? I had images of Eru looking like a tramp/ beggar. Oh no..what happeneped?

Actually, this was what she meant by 'dirty'.

Scruffy, untidy, rock star like....untidy... hehe!

Most male artistes seemed to go through an 'untidy' phase at one point or other...I remember mentioning this when I reviewed Kwon Sang Woo's 'Running Wild'. His character in there was really 'dirty' and untidy. Same goes for Jang Dong Gun in 'The Promise' and 'Typhoon'.

Strangely, no female artiste has ever used a 'dirty' image. I guess nobody is really interested to see an untidy female....not very feminine or sexy. Imagine Song Hye Gyo or Jeon Ji Hyeon looking all sloppy. Whereas a 'dirty' and untidy looking male artiste might be considered as sexy and cool.

Recently, 2 other 'newly' released actors also adopted this look..

Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun.

Now in these 2 cases, I must say their new look becomes them....more helps that both of them are sporting new, well-toned bodies. Noticed Song Seung Hun' proudly showing off his chest in the photo? And of course, Jang Hyuk was doing quite a lot of bathing/ showing in his recent drama, 'Thank You'. (refer to my posts here for showering scenes in the Spring dramas.

But this look isn't for everyone leh. I didn't really dig Kwon Sang Woo and Jang Dong Gun's untidy looks. And one of the reason why my 'Snow Queen' is still languishing in my cupboard is Hyun Bin's untidy looks...of course the fact that he has that 'this-is-a tragic-drama-and-therefore-I-am-not-allowed-to-smile-at-all' kind of look didn't help at all. was as bad as Choi Ji Woo's wailing in 'Stairways to Heaven'.

And Ji Hyun Woo's look in 'Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack and Defense Battle' is definitely 'dirty' but in this case, he just looks weird. I guess that's his character in the drama.. I have yet to watch it so I can't really comment if it's any good.

But I found the following on Youtube whilst surfing on the net the day. Ji Hyun Woo in Korea's musical verison of 'Grease'. It was so strange to hear Summer Nights being sung in Korean (kept thinking of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John) but you know what? Ji Hyun Woo sings pretty well and I am impressed with his dance moves. Maybe I should dig out my 'Over the Rainbow'.

Since I started off with Eru on this post, I'll end with him as well.

The song I'm playing now is the theme song for Capital Scandal and it's sung by Eru. I like. ^^ It's different from all the usual ballads/ fast songs.

And you know what? I glanced through the first two episodes of 'Capital Scandal', and it seems quite interesting too. Not to mention Kang Ji Hwan looks rather yummy. Guess I'll try to find the time to start watching the show this week.


mrs a said...

wow - love that music you got playing. Even my husband stopped and asked me about it. That will be added to our collection!

Capital Scandal sounds great. Can't wait to see it!

I really appreciate you reviewing these dramas and all, really gives me a better insight. Thanks Tiff!

Lynn said...

i never like guys who got the 'dirty' looks...i dunno why either....but if it's BYJ, it will be a different story....hahahaha...

kang ji hwan in a new drama....omg...i'm going to watch it!!!(got a bit crazy about him after watching 'jia you, jin shun' on channel U, but didnt like his looks in fireworks with han chae young...he looks too skinny and makes him look old..)..hope this new drama he looks much better...

han min chung said...

I don't like eru's new untidy look and he doesn't look good in it.
Simply because he isn't handsome I think sorry to eru's fans. Good looking guys like BYJ,Song seung hun always look good in any kind of clothes even 'dirty' clothing.
I love Song's dirty look he looks so sexy and manly. haha

Lynn said...

han min chung, i agreed with you... BYJ & Song Seung Hun 'dirty' look looks tidy....hahaha...

but not for some......:(

Eru 'dirty' look is still okay...not as bad as i thought...hehe

tiffany said...

Hi Mrs A... didn't know you still drop by my humbler blog..Thanks! ^^

Yes, the music is really quite catchy. I like jazz music.

haha! Don't trust everything I say about the dramas etc. Everyone has different taste. But glad you enjoy reading them.

tiffany said...

Lynn ah...

You also hooked on Be Strong Gam Soon? Have yet to watch it. Let me Dae Jang Geum, it's been making its rounds..

I like Kang Ji Hwan in 90 Days to Love though have yet to complete it.

And yes...some people really not suited to the 'dirty' image lor.

Eru.. I prefer his previous look but then again, all artistes need to change constantly. So I'm ok with it as long as he gives me good music. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Han...

Song Seung HUn is looking pretty good, isn't he? Was telling one of his fans that he looks so much better after the army.

Looking forward to his new movie.

han min chung said...

I watched Capital Scandal(or Scandal of old Seoul).
It was great, so fun, I highly recommed to watch it. I enjoyed full 1 hour viewing. Well, I just finished only one episode but it's still good. And some episode in drama is real story in old days. It's not like all fake, boasting thing.

tiffany said...

Hi Han!

I just did a short review of Capital Scandal last week. Yes, agree with you, it's good. ^^