Thursday, May 10, 2007

Korea Children's Day- 어린이날

Hmm... I only found out last Saturday that Korea celebrates it's Children's Day on the 5th May, which is different from Sinagpore (we celebrate it on the 1st October). And whilst it's a national holiday over's only a holiday day here if you are below 12 years old (being young at heart doesn't count).

Anyway, Square 2 (being the so-call Korean mall) had some activities on Saturday to celebrate this festival. There was magic show, giveaways etc.

There was also sort of a contest for the children who came dressed in Korean costumes. They got to take a photo with Lee An, the singer. The cuttiest 5 boys and 5 girls were chosen by him to receive some prizes.

There were some really, really cute kids there....not all were Koreans but I think a fair number were. It's great to be a kid. ^^

A little information on the national holiday.

Korea Children's Day began in 1923 and was initiated by a well-known children's writer, Bang Jeong Hwan, who wrote an open letter to adults on 1st May, beseeching them to speak to the children with 'respect' amongst other things.

Children's Day in Korea is very much like Christmas for children for those who celebrate Christmas- ie, lots of presents, food and fun. In other words, you are the king or queen of the day.

You can get more information about this special day here.

Wonder if I can ask my MP to persuade the government to declare Children's Day here as a public holiday. Maybe can tell him that it will help in the fertility productivity. Wahahaha!

Lee An didn't sing that day. We figured that the mall probably didn't pay him enough to sing, so he only took photos with the kids individually. Think the MC mentioned 100 kids!!!!! Luckily, don't have 100 kids or we would be there the whole afternoon. Some of the girls were wondering if they can pretend to be 'over grown kids' and take a photo with him. Haha!

Don't know who Lee An is? You can read about him here and here.

This little girl was a clear winner with all of us...퀴여워요...


Yee said...

Thanks for the info. We are about to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend and now you are posting about Children's Day. How can we become mothers without our children, how appropriate to celebrate these days. And your music from Dae Jung Geum is just perfect!!

han min chung said...

FYI. Korea has parents day not mother's day and it's 8 of may.
Mother's day in singapore is 13 of may. right?
well.. tiffaby I think you know Korean more than me.

tiffany said...

Hi Yee...

Hope you and your mother had a good mother's day.... ^^

tiffany said...

Han... really a parents's day? Interesting...what did you do?

Actually Singapore follow the western calendar for Mother's Day, which is the 2nd Sundya of May. Father's Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June..though I think Father's Day usually get less attention.. ^^

han min chung said...

I bought two latex pillows for mum and dad. actually I ordered it over the phone and sent the money. Right now I'm in singapore so I can't give them a gift personally. sigh..
If father's day gets less attention, sorry for dad.

tiffany said...

Yeah... normally Father gets slightly less attention...I do pity them sometimes.

Oh, so you're not with your parents in Singapore then. Are you studying here or working?

Kailyn Kim said...

aww very cute kids with very nice hanboks