Friday, May 04, 2007

The King.....finally

I was going to write about the upcoming dramas in May when I read this news:

"TWSSG was scheduled to start from May 21th, but after a long discussion with MBC, we agreed to broadcast it from June 25th," a staff of KJH Production said.
Credit: translated by Gaulsan. For full article, go here

Finally....finally...after more than 2 years of filming and delays...finally I will get to see him again. Of course it could change but as this is the first time that they've actually put a date down, I'm very hopeful.

'Great King Four Gods (대왕사신기)' was supposed to be aired in May this year (actually it was supposed to be aired even earlier), after the current drama- H.I.T but news came out just a few days ago that it would be July possibly. By then, I (and most fans) was already immuned to such news. Sigh...

So now, it seems finally it will be aired, simultaneously together with Japan (I'm so jealous). Doesn't he look great?

(video thanks to flower of truelovebyj)

Last year, I was in Jeju and saw one of the filming set..from afar..(very afar).

It seems strange that as a fan of BYJ, I've not blogged about him as much. No, I haven't forgotten about him. Sometimes, it's just harder to write about someone you like alot. Besides, there are many people who are doing a better job than me. Like bb for instance.

Anyway, just the other night, I watched an episode of 'First Love' on KBS World..and you know what? He could still hold my attention and make my heart skip a beat. This guy really got charisma.

Isn't he young? This was in 1997, a good 10 years ago..

Anyway, I'm so very happy that his drama will be airing soon. ^^

I wonder what are they going to slot in for a month though after H.I.T.? Whatever it is, the drama/ show can only have 8 episodes.

My Chan Woo...


Mauwy said...

what..!?!? is first love still showing at KBS world these days!?
I used to watch that from dec-feb but I guess I mustve forgotten about it since the timeslot is just too late :(

I cant wait for the legend too.. but I heard its moved to june??? 아이구~!

tiffany said...

Hi! Mauwy

Yup, First Love still showing...about half way through.

And Great King Four Gods or Tae Wanf Sa Sh Gin will be shown in Korea on 25th June.

I'm just glad it's finally going to be shown.

Mawee said...

Wahh~I have to watch again.. Its until ep66 right? what ep is it already ? ^^

am just too forgetful sometimes >.<

Yes, finally TGKFG is finally being shown~ I miss Yonsama too, btw :D