Monday, May 14, 2007

Fly Daddy

Cast: Lee Moon Shik (Jang Ga Pil,강가필), Lee Jun Ki (Go Seung Suk,고승속)

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After the sensational success of 'The King & the Clown' and his drama, 'My Girl', Lee Jun Ki teams up with Lee Moon Shik of the popular 'Mapado' for this family film about a underdog who fought those in power.

Lee Moon Shik (Jang Ga Pil) is a 30-something salary family man with a pretty daughter. His family is his world and he is willing to do anything for them. Until he discovered that his power as a normal salary man with a 7-years housing loan is often limited.

One day, his daughter was badly assaulted by the school bully, Kang Tae Wook, who happens to be the son of a rich, powerful politician. There was nothing he could do..he wasn't rich, nor was he powerful. Thrown with veiled threats to his career and his family, he was forced to accept a feeble, forced apology from Tae Wook.

He was disappointed that he could not protect his family and his family was disappointed with him too (though I''m not sure what they expected him to do). In a desperate attempt to achieve some sort of justice and regain the trust and confidence of his family, he decided that the only way to do so would be in the boxing ring. There in the ring, he could meet Tae Wook fairly without the protection of his bodyguards and powerful parents. Lee Jun Ki (Go Seung Suk) is a brooding teenager with a past. He is also an excellent boxer, the only one who has defeated Tae Wook so far.

And so Ga Pil managed to persuade Seung Sok to train him in 45 days to become a champion. And in the process, Ga Pil became the father that Seung Sok never had.

How is the ending? Come on, it's a feel-good family movie, so of course it ends happily ever after.

This could have been a good movie or at least it could have been better. There have been coutless movies about the underdog who made good, the family man who protected his loved ones (think of The Host). It can either connect the audience or it can be pretty dull if not handled well. Whilst I'm not saying it's a total washed out movie, it certainly doesn't have that necessary spark to make the audience root for the slightly paunchy, quiet, underdog Ga Pil. Having said that, Lee Moon Shik is an excellent, veteran actor.

I also find it rather incredible that Seung Sok managed to transform him into a fit fighting maching in that short a time. I should very much like to engage him as my personal trainer please. Haha! Ok, ok..this is a movie, so anything is possible.

It's an ok, watchable movie and there are redeeming moments which I enjoyed. Like when Lee Moon Shik was racing against the bus, with the whole bus load of passengers rooting for him. I thought that was quite good. And when he went to bail out Lee Jun Ki, acting as his guarantor after a fight. I thought that was a really sweet moment.

Of course, most of the interesting moment involved Lee Jun Ki....basically because he was looking so very cool in it...Sigh....There's quite a lot of fight scenes, a major departure from his role in 'The King and the Clown'. Watching this movie should dispel any thoughts that he is girly, even if he might have feminine, sharp features.

Fly Daddy is based on a Japanese comic (I believe there is also a Japanese movie version as well).

Lee Moon Shik has acted in mostly movies, though he was in '101 Proposals' shortly after 'Fly Daddy'. He even got Lee Jun Ki to make a guest star appearance in the drama.

Lee Jun Ki's latest movie, 'Virgin Snow' has just screened in both Japan and Korea. This is a joint Japan/ Korean production. I hope it will do well. However, I'm really looking forward to his drama in July, 'Time of the Wolf and the Dog' with Nam Sang Mi. He's even got a new hairstyle for the drama. And oh...if anyone wants to catch the cast of this drama, you should probably make a trip to Bangkok in June. Heard they're going there to do some filming.

Lee Jun Ki has also released a single, My Jun My Style. It contains some video clips of his previous activities and the 3 songs that he sang during his fan meeting last year. Surprisingly, he doesn't sing too badly and dances quite well too. You can watch the clips here. You can also go onto his Singapore forum, Lee Jun Ki Singapore for more infor, clips and photos.

One Word MV
Foolish Love

Isn't he cute? ^^            

You know what's really depressing? Lee Moon Shik is younger than me.....Sob! Sob! Think I'll just look at this young man's picture and drown my sorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I really liked this movie, and Lee Jun Ki looked nice too *grin* and i wasn't aware of his upcoming show either- so something to look forward to in july too!

tiffany said...

Yeah, Lee Jun Ki looked really good in the movie. ^^

He has a ne wmovie out now- Virgin Snow/ First Snow. A joint Japan/ Korea production. Wonder how that will fare though....

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