Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fashion in Korean drama

I find the fashion in Korean dramas very different from the Hong Kong or Taiwanese dramas. They are normally more daring and interesting, even if sometimes they are a little outlandish. Fashion is very much a part of the Korean drama and attracts much attention from the audience. At least it gets my attention, anyway. ^^

Of course, most of the time, these clothes are sponsored, in the hope that the audience will rush out and buy them.(See my posting on collectibles here) Sometimes the drama fashion starts a trend and sometimes they are an indication of the trend.

Remember Han Gi Joo (Park Shin Yang) in 'Lovers in Paris'? His big fat ties? And his matching handkerchiefs? It's so ...ajusshi (uncle)... but at the same time, so comical...and so very much like the character Han Gi Joo.

And Han Dong Ju (Lee Dong Gun) in 'Stained Glass/Yurihwa'? Initially, we all thought his crooked ties were just co-incidental...but then we realised later that they were deliberate. Hehe! I don't think it created a trend amongst the men though.

Shin Goon (Ju Ji Hoon) was very popular in Princess Hours, but his clothes did spark a lot of debate as they were a little er.... frilly. I can't imagine any Korean royalty (if they should exist now) wearing them. Actually, I doubt if any men would want to wear them...

One of the Korean fashion magazine that I import in, Ceci, sometimes compare the styles in the current dramas. In the April issue, there was a comparison between 'Hello!Miss', 'Thank You', 'The Devil' and 'Witch Yoo Hee'.

I like the style of Seo Hae In (Shin Min Ah)in 'The Devil' most of all. It's very simple and casual.

This is followed by Seo Eun Hee (Kim Seung Eun) in 'Thank You'.

I can't imagine myself wearing Ma Yoo Hee's (Han Ga In) clothes, even if it's meant to be a stylish career woman's style.. Can you imagine walking down Shenton Way in these attire? But then, if I am very rich and own an advertising company, maybe nobody will laugh at me (or rather, they won't dare to..haha!)

But completely out of this world is Lee Su Ha's (Lee Da Hae) clothes in 'Hello! Miss'. Only in a Korean drama can one wear these. Otherwise, you'd end up looking like you are from Mars.

Come to think of it, both her styles in 'Hello! Miss' and 'My Girl' are quite similar..don't you think?


And whilst the men's fashion is not as colourful, I think I can safely conclude that scarves are 'in' this spring in Korea. Either that, or all the dramas share the same wardrobe co-ordinator.

'Hello! Miss'
Aiyoh...even the grandfather wears a scarf!

'Witch Yoo Hee'

'Que Sera Sera

Hehe! I just found a very interesting site- a Fashion Police site on Korean dramas:
Still-frame on Korean drama fashion hehe! Very interesting.


--- said...

hahah.. omgosh, someone else that also pays attention to fashion in dramas ^^. Kdramas def. have the most unique style of them all. I thought lee da hae's outfits in My Girl were cute.. or most of em at least, its been a while. Shin Goon's outfits (lolll), i think he's cute sometimes but i guess those outfits only work for Goong. waiting for goong2 x]

tiffany said...

Hi! haha! Yes, the fashion does attract my attention..hehe! How not to when sometimes the clothes are so...err...out of this world? Of course, most of the time the actors managed to look good no matter what.

Lee Da Hae's outfit may be cute, but like Shin Goon's clothes, they only work in the drama. ^^

Mauwy said...

I jsut dont love dramas too, I love thier fashion get-ups, even the male ones :]

Yoohee is very smilar to DJS` Sunjoo, very high class, i love both but me too, cant see myself wearing those *for now* heehee and Yoorin in My Girl has an offbeat kinda taste, I used to imitate her mismatched earrings too one point whe I used to watch MG [: