Sunday, April 29, 2007

So Ji Sub returns

He was the biggest news in the Korean entertainment industry this week. This man is officially now a civilian, having served in the army for his country in the past 2 years.

Look at the frenzy...BOF should open a security company seeing as how how much security and bodyguards are needed for 2 of their biggest stars- Bae Yong Joon and So Ji Sub. Hehe!

Obviously his fans are all over the moon that he's finally back. He left a very nice message on his site for his fans as well. Sigh...I wish BYJ would write a message for us as well. He hasn't written anything for the longest time.

Anyway, his fans won't have to wait too long to 'see' him as he's already commited to doing a drama, 'Cain & Abel'. It will co-star Ji Jin Hee and Jeong Ryo Won.

'Cain and Abel' is about 2 long lost brothers who grew up in different environments. The elder brother (Ji Jin Hee) became a policeman whilst the younger brother (So Ji Sub) grew up to be a Mafia hitman. Jung Ryeo Won will play the love interest. Filiming is expected to start next month in San Francisco. Wow! That's only in a few days' time.

Ji Jin Hee has 2 movies released this year. 'Soo' and 'The Old Garden'. I believe his last drama was 'Spring Days' in 2005.

Jung Ryeo Won, last seen in 'Which Star Are You From?' will be busy this year as her debut movie, 'Hello, Ani' will premiere in July 2007.

It seems I'm not the only one who remembers the similar storyline in a mv filmed years ago. It was mentioned on a few forums. The mv stars a very young Jang Dong Gun, a rather dashing Cha In Pyo and Kim Gyu Ri. The song title is 'Forever' (여원) by Sky. Watch the mv here. Very well done. Sigh...both the guys are so good looking in here. I'm wondering if the drama will also end the same way as the mv. Looks quite likely it will be a tragic ending.


Jang Dong Gun will be filming his first Hollywood movie with Zhang Zi Yi in May. Hmm..I don't really like Zhang Zi Yi leh... As for Cha In Pyo, he was last seen in the drama, 'White Tower', which had rather good reviews (though I think he appeared only briefly). As for Kim Gyu Ri, she was in 'Lovers' recently. (Another tell tale sign that the mv was filmed quite a while back- the rather thick make-up with the dark red lipstick...hehe!)

Strangely, So Ji Sub has never made it to my side dish list. Not even after the acclaimed 'I'm Sorry, I Love You'. (I was very impressed with Im So Jong though). He's a good actor but somehow, he never 'electrified' me. I must say that he's very good looking in the mv with Kim Jung Eun, Mr Flower by Jo Sung Mo. This is also another long mv.

Whilst searching for Sky mv- 'Forever', I found this old mv in the Dong Gam (Sympathy) Vol 4. I wrote about this sometime ago here. The song, 'The End' is sang by Lee Hyun Woo and stars Ryu Si Won, So Ji Sub and Park Jin Hee. Unfortunately So Ji Sub was not a very nice guy in the mv leh. View the mv here


Ryu Si Won is now pretty much based in Japan, having found his market there. One of his Japanese single was ranked in the Oricon chart recently and he will be releasing his first Japanese album soon. Park Jin Hee was in the drama, 'Come Back So Ae', which I think didn't do too badly.

And in case you didn't know, Lee Hyun Woo, the singer is also an actor, though he much prefers music. Recently seen in the funny and popular drama, 'Dalja's Spring' as one of Dalja's admirer. ^^ I like his voice.

And as for So Ji Sub, his last work was 'I'm Sorry I Love You'. Btw, did you know that this drama was turned into a 35minutes animation? I wonder if it was ever screened in Korea... anyone knows about this? There's even a sountrack for it----->

You can read more news in So Ji Sub's English fan site/ forum- Ji Sub's Addicts Club. bb has also blogged about SJS's return to the entertainment industry on her blog

So Ji Sub, Fighting!

Now if only Bae Yong Joon will hurry up as well....


Mauwy said...

yay~ So Ji Sup is back!!! Am really excited about that upcoming drama with Ji Jin Hee and I hope Jung Ryeo Won can act up on these two great actors ^^

I actually loved him in MISA, teehee.

And I had to laugh out loud when you said "dark red lisptick and thick make-up" haahaa, I know~ oh so 90's! LOL XD

Yee said...

Thanks to BB and my friend fron NY, I watched "I'm sorry I love you" and I like him. I even watched Glass slippers and Law Firm. Except for Law Firm, his characters in the other two dramas are not to my taste, but he is somehow attractive, and acted his characters very well. So after BYJ and Song Il Gook, he's my 3rd. favorite Korean actor.
And this drama too, sounds like he is going to be like his previous dramas, hope not sad ending again. I wish he plays some nice, elegant, somebody like Shin Dong Hyuk character, just my wishful thinking.
I am happy to learn that Ji Jin Hee will be in it, I like him as "Sir Min" in Dae Jung Geum, he portrait "Sir Min" very well.
Thanks for the info.
I too wish our Joon to hurry up and make more dramas or movies ...

tiffany said...

Hi Mauwy and Yee

Ahh...both of you are SJS fans. He is a god actor but he just doesn't 'electrify' me. That is to say, I look at him and I don't go:"Wow! mosshi soryo". (good looking) ^^

But I know he has many fans. :p