Friday, April 06, 2007

Showers in Spring dramas

It's April now...officially it's Spring. Not that I would know it as I live in a little red hot dot just a few degrees away from the equator. The only season here is wet, hot and very hot.

So where was I?

Oh yes, if you've noticed the 'I am watching' section on the right, you would see that I have 6 dramas listed. Yeah...I'm afraid so...I did say that March will be a busy month. But I didn't know I would be that busy.

No, I'm not going to talk about the dramas yet...not just yet..Instead I'm going to write about something seemingly trivia....

The 5 dramas airing in Korea now are mostly different in generes. 2 of them are romantic comedy, 2 are sort of a romantic drama and 1 is a suspense story. But they all have one thing in common- showers...or rather shower scenes.

Now, I haven't really watched that many dramas but in my memory, I don't recall shower scenes being that common. I mean, seriously, often, they don't really add much to the storyline. (The movie 'Psycho' was an exception). BUT of course, they do create an interesting setting. And it is great eye candy as it's usually the 'hot' guys taking a shower and showing off their 'momjjang' figure. (I assure you, I'm not a sex pervert. Really. 진짜.)

What is even more interesting, all these 5 dramas have their shower/ bath/ swimming scenes very early on in the first few episodes. Perhaps this is due to the intense competition (especially as 3 of them are on the same time slot)? If you can't beat them, then you might as well join in the shower game. haha!

'Que Sera Sera'- Weekend drama on MBC
Cast: Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk), Lee Gyu Han, Jung Yoo Mi, Yoon Ji Hye

Eric leads the pack by by appearing in a shower scene at the end of the 1st episode. I wonder how many takes he had to do for this. I'ms guessing it would at least an hour or 2. Hmm....does the hairstylist touch up on the soap bubbles as well? Wahahaha!

'Hello! Miss'- Monday/Tuesday drama on KBS
Cast: Lee Da Hae, Lee Ji Hoon, Ha Suk Jin, Yoon Mi Joo

This shower scene appeared in episode 3. It was after Lee Ji Hoon's workout in the gym. And his cousin, Ha Suk Jin was having a chat with him. Now, I know guys are usually less shy about showering in front of other guys.. but...

And oh, the producer/ writer of this drama figured that it would be even better if you can have both the male leads 'stripping' and so in the fourth epsiode, it was Ha Suk Jin's turn to take his top off as he attempts to impress Lee Da Hae. Hmm.. is this called raising the temperature?

'Thank You'- Wednesday/Thursday drama on MBC
Cast: Jang Hyuk, Go Hyo Jin, Shin Sung Rok

Ok, it's not the main lead, Jang Hyuk who's showering (well, he did later but he was fully dressed, so it doesn't count).

In this scene in episode 4, his mother wanted to question Shin Sung Rok about certain things and so err...she had to barge into the shower room. She's his mother and she's "she's seen him naked many times" so it doesn't matter if he's half naked. So would you rather have a male audience (Hello! Miss) or a older female audience (Thank you) when you're having a shower? Tough choice isn't it? haha!

'Witch Yoo Hee'- Wednesday/Thursday drama on SBS
Cast: Han Ga Yin, Jae Hee, Kim Jung Hoon, Dennis O, Nam Sung Mi

In this drama, it's a reversal of roles as it's the female lead, Ha Ga Yin that's having a bath (how come women have bath and men have shower? Hmmm...)

This was at the end of episode 2 and Jae Hee was in the bathroom, attempting to put in some sort of cover whilst trying not to look. ^^ This was probably the funniest of all the shower scenes as Jae Hee fell into the bathtub.

'The Devil'- Wednesday/ Thursday drama on KBS
Cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Uhm Tae Woong, Shim Min Ah

Ok, there's no shower scene but there's a swimming scene. Which means you still get to see Ju Ji Hoon topless. Hehe! Not that I'm complaining.

This appeared in episode 2 when Uhm Tae Woong as the policeman was questioning Joo Ji Hoon about some matters. They could have set this scene anywhere but hey, it's more interesting to see Ju Ji Hoon swimming, right? ^^

So will there be even more showers in the coming episodes for these dramas? Stay tuned for a weather report.


han min chung said...

Hi I'm so happy to see Shin Sung Rok's half naked picture. haha.
Actually I was a huge fan of Shin. He is more musical actor than movie actor. I watched his musical performance 3times all same one. He is so gorgeous, tall and hansome. I knew in Korean drama they are all taking shower. It just started few years ago, since 'flower boys' was coming so old boys had to distinguish themselves so they took shower after then. haha..
Any how I just want to take a bath in hot springs.

tiffany said...

Shin Sung Rok is a musical actor? Does that mean he's more a stage/ theatre actor? I'm not very familiar with him but I do find him quite interesting so far.

Really? The old boys take showers?
Hmm... I thought it was mainly the 'young flower boys' who are taking showers. Don't recall JDG or LBH or BYJ taking showers though BYJ did strip in both his movies.....

Besides, I don't think the 'old' boys would raise the temperature much if they take showers...


Mauwy said...

Wow~ great post drool worthy.. haahaa. oh there was also a shower scene of leeminki in DJS~ you forgot to put that up, heehee ^^

tiffany said...

hey mauwy review is only limited to the 5 current dramas that I'm watching so I didn't include LMK. Actually Chun Jung Myung also had shower scene in What's Up Fox?

Like I said, almost very drama now got 'stripping' scene. ^^

Mauwy said...

oopsy, heehee, sorry >.<

yes, most of dramas nowadays have stripping scene.. but then I remember not much.. coz back in PaPa [BYJ`s old drama] he had a shower scene too~ omoo I loved it ^^

han min chung said...

Shin is more a stage/theather actor, correct. He sings very well, he was the youngest dracula in musical dracula.
Also he was a basketball player..^^

lantispu2 said...

Loved your comments about Eric's
soap bubble scene....LOL....
You have an excellent point,
I too wonder if the hair stylist
does touch ups to the soap bubbles.
Enjoyed seeing him all soaped up, too.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that females are more comfortable with being nude in front of each other. That's the way it was in my family, anyway. My mother and my sister and my self were never shy being nude around each other, but my brother and father never wanted to be nude around each other. Also at my high school most of us girls chose to shower after gym class even though the locker room had group showers. From what I heard none of the boys ever showered after gym class.


tiffany said...


I'm sure the hairstylist would have to touch up on the soap bubbles, make sure his face can be see etc. hehe!

tiffany said...

I'm assuming you are in US? Maybe I'm wrong, but in SG and Korea, the guys have to do compulsary military service, so being nude, showering in front of other guys would be very normal. Plus, Korea has lots and lots of public bath and hot spring- lots of opportunity to go naked in the public. ^^