Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hotelier- Japanese style

                      Frank Shin Dong Hyuk                                                 Mizusawa Keigo

                          Suh Jin Young                                                     Odagiri Kyoko

                          Han Tae Jun                                                     Ogata Kouhei

                          Kim Yun Hee                                                   Morimoto Akane

                            Leo Park                                                         Kikuchi Edward

                          Choi Young Jae                                                   Kitano Yosuke

                          President Choi                                                   Kitano Kojiro

                        Madam Choi                                                       Kitano Mitsuko

                          Kim Bock Man                                                 Morimoto Masakazu

                          Oh Hyung Man                                                   Iwama Takehiko

                        Lee Soon Young                                                   Ueda Natsuko

                          Manager ?                                                       Gotou Kayoko

                          Head Chef                                                             Head Chef

                        The 2 chambermaids                                                 The 2 chambermaids

                            Jenny                                                                       ?

                                        ?                                                         Kashiwagi Mayumi

Doing a remake is difficult because audience will always compare it with the original version. The new version must bring to it something new, fresh but it cannot be completely different from the original one. A tough job.

Hotelier is the first Korean drama that has a Japanese version, no doubt due to the immense popularity of Bae Yong Joon in Japan.

Most of us who watches both Japanese and Korean dramas would know that there's a difference in style between the two. Whilst Japanese dramas are faster in pace and thus a little more direct, Korean dramas tend to be slower and a little more subtle (that's why you often have scenes where people do nothing but stare into space in deep thought^^). So like Cloud9 said, how do you squeeze 20 episodes into 9 episodes? Well, I guess you have to simplify alot..

After watching the first episode of the Japanese Hotelier, I concluded that besides the interesting storyline and the great chemistry between the 4 leads, the supporting cast was another big reason why I enjoyed the original version. There was a certain spark to it from the word 'Go' which unfortunately I did not feel in the Japanese version. And whilst I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bae Yong Joon (and listening to his voice) on screen again, his role (as Frank Shin) in the Japanese version was really quite redundant. If they managed to persude him to be a guest star in the drama, I wish they had made his role a little more memorable and outstanding.

Odagiri Kyoko (Ueto Aya) is a very sweet manager but she seems so....formal and straight. Somehow I missed the scatterbrain, direct and sparkling Suh Jin Young. Remember the '300 Roses' and the 'Missing ring' scenes? hehe! How not to notice a girl like that?

                      300 Roses restaurant                                                 The missing ring

Eloise on Hotelier2002 mentioned that the actor who took up the M&A role was very brave. And indeed he was....because the world would be comparing him to Shin Dong Hyuk (Bae Yong Joon). I think he's a very credible actor but again I missed the professional, hunter feel of Shin Dong Hyk

And as much as they have to simplify the plot, how could they possibly cut out the room service scene?

Still, this is only the first episode, so I should keep an open mind as things may change.....

A very special thank you to cloud9 for helping me find out the names of the characters in the Japanese Hotelier. ^^

I miss my Shin Dong Hyuk...


아이니 Aini said...

omg , really? A Jap version? I would love to watch it, although it would be a totally different feeling watching someone else act as BYJ.

OK, I admit lah.

Although I am not a fan of BYJ, the sound of his voice - whether it calling "YuJin ah" or "ajumma" - his voice does give me a wee bit of goosebumps.

Of course, it would have been more bumps if it's not for Kyung.

tiffany said...

haha! I can't imagine SSK calling out 'ajuma'..

I must admit I can't remember how he sounds like when he talked (except for the very strong American accent) but I do remember how tall he was. :p