Monday, April 09, 2007

Coffee, bathtub or Bae Yong Joon?

Hehe! In relation to my posting on showers in the Spring Dramas, bb wrote about BYJ's showers. Like she said, most BYJ fans can link anything to him..

Which brought to memory what was probably one of the more seductive CF from Taster's Choice. It actually got a few of us talking about it on the forum of Hotelier2002.

Taster's Choice CF- Bath

So my question the CF selling:

1) Bathtub
2) The man (BYJ) in the bathtub
3) Coffee

Seriously, I was so distracted by 1) and 2) that I'm not sure I took notice of 3).

Btw, I really like the bathtub. I've tried it once in a very nice hotel long ago, and it was very, very nice. ^^


Anne said...

i remember this CF !! it was sometime ago when i used to be head over heels about this man ...

han min chung said...

I want to buy all.
a guy(BYJ) with bathtub and coffee..haha..
Actually I like Singaporean street stall coffee so I would just buy Bae with bathtub..
By the they sell??

tiffany said... mean you are not head over heels over him anymore?

Who are you head over heels now? :p

tiffany said...

hahaha! Han ah... you're so funny.

If ever BYJ is up for sale, you would have to queue up behind the thousands of fans.

Besides, don't think anyone of us caan afford him. Think his earnings are more than most of us.

However, I wouldn't mind buying the bathtub that Bae Yong Joon uses.


Yee said...

Actually any CF he's in, I hardly paid attention to the products. Only him. If everybody is like me, he won't be popular with CFs. Bad me =.=

tiffany said...


Don't let the companies know about this or we'll never see him in any CF.