Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Que Sera Sera, Eric

If you're in tune to the Korean grapevine, then this would be old news already.

STB is working really hard to promote our little island.

After the filming of Kim Jae Won and Eugene's 'Wonderful Life' in Singapore, we now have another Korean drama being filmed on this tiny red dot.

Eric, Lee Kyu Han, Jung Yoo Mi and Yoon Ju Hye, the cast of the new weekend drama, 'Que Sera Sera' has been in Singapore since Saturday. I received 2 smses from my chingus that day informing me about it. ^^

The Shinhwa site, Shinhwa Jangjo has been on an ovderdrive with the latest infor on his schedule here, photos etc.

Seems they've been filming all over the place. Well, I'm not complaining. Hopefully, the next time a filming crew comes, it will be one of my side dish. hehe!

Heard he's staying here:

There are photos of him relexing at the pool. He seems happy enough. :p

Anyway, here's one photo of him at the airport. I really cannot comprehend how people can go onto a plane wearing only slippers. Don't they get cold? Hmmm.. On the other hand, good to know that he's so relax about coming to Singapore. Must say he looks like a little boy like that.

Photo is from Rachal of Singapore and edited by Jade. Posted on Shinhwa Jangjo.

'Que Sera Sera/케세라세라' aired on the 17th March and is a weekend drama. More infor on soompi here


Anonymous said...

I guess he's too young too hot so don't need socks. I'm not so I always ask one more blanket.

tiffany said...

I often wear socks and have a blanket as well. I guess I'm not very hot and young either...


hanminchung said...

Hi~tiffany guess what?
I'm going to attend press conference of Que Sera Sera!!!!!
One of my friend is a journalist to cover culture story. She asked me to come with. I loved to. so tomorrow night I meet erik moon. wow!!!
I will tell you later how he looks like in real.

아이니 Aini said...

Tiffany, if Sung Si Kyung come, you dun blog hor...I might not read on time. You must call me OK. I will give u my mobile number.

Promise hor!!!

tiffany said...

Han! How did it go? Did you manage to get to see him up close? How did he look? Any photos?

Tell me! Tell me! ^^

tiffany said...


Shouldn't you be the one calling when Sung Si Kyung comes? You should have first hand infor right?


Lynn said...

lee kyu han is really different from other korean stars....his 'jokes' really makes those reporters felt so different from the usual korean style of answering questions...hahahahaha.. and some reporters said he is really handsome...hahahaha

you can watch the video at stomp website...

tiffany said...

Thanks for the link Lynn.. Must say he looks better than what I remembered of him in Kim Sam Soon. And you're right..he's quite funny. :P

han min chung said...

Hi~ Tiffany.. so sorry. I didn't go to the press conference. My friend was extremely busy so her colleague went to conference instead of her.
I was so disappointed she promised the next time but I don't expect any other next time would come, due to not many Korean dramas film in Singapore.

tiffany said...

Hi Han..

Never mind...you never know. STB is trying very hard to promote SG to Korea. Kwon Sang Woo's trip to SG last year was also partly sponsored by STB.

Now, I just want them to make sure that the people they invite next are guys on my list. hahaha!