Friday, February 23, 2007

Seducing Mr Robin/ Seducing Mr Perfect

Cast: Daniel Henney, Uhm Jung Hwa

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The Korean title is 'Seducing Mr Robin' (which is Daniel Henney's name in the movie) but somehow the international title became 'Seducing Mr Perfect'. I'm not sure why they think Mr Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney) is considered as perfect.. because he's rich? He's got a great job? He's good looking? Hmmm... Anyway...

Min Jun is a very nice girl, who always get dumped by her boyfriends because she is too nice. One day, she crashed into Robin (literally), who of course turned out to be her new boss from the US HQ. He understand Korean but speaks only English. She understands English but speaks mainly Korean, with a smattering of English. Sparks flew in more ways than one.

She asks for his help to play in this game of love, because according to Mr Robin, love is a game, like playing Starcraft, only you need to be more precise and plan your moves carefully. Whoever shows affection first will loose control. He throws her a challenge- seduce him. Which she proceeds to do. Complete with the supposedly make-over, the sexy dress, and womanly touch of keeping his room clean and making him lunch. All didn't work.... seemingly.

Although, halfway through the movie, I'm not sure if she was really out to seduce him or trying to learn from him (as he agreed). Whatever.

Don't need to tell you the ending because this is a romantic comedy and it is promoted as a Valentine's Day movie. However, I'm not sure the men would like to see their girlfriends salivating over Daniel Heneny. Though the men could probably drool over Uhm Jung Hwa, who is very sexy.

I went to watch the movie fully expecting it to be a fluffy romantic comedy and I got what I expected. It was entertaining enough with some laughing moments but it is not a earth shattering, heven shaking romantic movie. It's just a fun movie, good for escaping 2 hours from the real world.

Most of the girls would be watching this movie because of Daniel Henney. And he provides enough eye candy and droolicious moments not to let the girls go home disappointed.

I wonder how many girls in the cinema drew their breath when they saw this----> hahaha!

I think the script writer/ director should have left the story simple instead of throwing in the side sob stories about Robin's first girlfriend and his grandfather. Trying to show us that there's a softer side to Mr Robin, ...that he wasn't really a womaniser and a cruel, cold blooded business guy, does that make the movie more romantic? I really think it didn't add anything more to the story. In fact I think it would have been more interesting and fun without these 'softeners'.

But I did like their on screen chemistry.

Daniel Henney's acting has improved a little since the Kim Sam Soon days but he still has a long way to go to become a great actor. But then he has so many CF now, they probably pay better than the movie. You can read about his commercial movements (which seemed to mirror Bae Yong Joon's) on bb's blog

Daniel Henney will be filming another movie this year. About a Korean adoptee, in search of his biological parents in Korea. It's called, 'My Father'. Looks like he's on a roll.

One of the great things about Youtube... you never know what you are going to find. -> Daniel Henney and Sun Yanzi in a Lux commercial

I don't know Uhm Jung Hwa too well, except that she's both a singer and actress. And of course, she's got a very droolable younger brother- Uhm Tae Woong (who's filming a new drama now).

She has acted in a few fairly good movies, and one of them was 'Singles'. I really enjoyed that movie.

She released her 9th album, Prestige last year and err... her main song title was Cum2Me (though I read that the Korean authorities made them changed it to Come to Me) Hmm.... You can watch her performance here. Not really my type of song but she has got one great figure.

Uhm Jung Hwa will also have a new movie out this year, called 'Do you still live with your Lover?' But I can't remember the synopsis as I can't remember where I've read the news.

The limited edition of the movie is already out on Yesasia. Btw, I was just remarking to my husband, who went to watch the movie together with me... this movie is probably good for those who are either trying to learn Korean or English. Because the movie is a mixture of Korean and English. hahaha!

I actually quite like the ost. If you like jazz music, then you would probably enjoy the songs. And if you need anymore reason to get the ost, then you may just want to know that Daniel Henney, Uhm Jung Hwa and Alex of Classiquai sang one of the song, Kissing me. Quite a fun song though I much prefer the song I'm playing on my blog now, which I think roughly translated, it's called “This stately woman is beautiful' by Sweet Sorrow. Those who know Korean, please correct me if I'm wrong. Han?

Han was saying that she prefers Daniel Henney to Dennis O as the former is more matured. But I still prefer Dennis O as Daniel Henney just seems too slick and smooth.... haha! But seriously, I think these guys of mixed parentage have got the best of both world... in terms of looks. Don't believe me?

Drool at your own risk-> Daniel Henney, Dennis O and Mark Jordan

Daniel Henney or Dennis O...... hmm.... must choose meh? ^^



Anonymous said...

Oooops.. My comment is gone. What happened?
Hmmm.. I don't understand what makes you think I'm a man, I'm a girl. If you expected young handsome hunk guy, so sorry. ^^
Well, the name of Sweet Sorrow 'stately girl' is not bad. But I feel more like 'active, not passive girl' in Korean.
The song is like
come to me and say I like you
come to me and wink at me then I will follow you
come to me and kiss me I fall in love with you

Well my English is also not that great, I'm not sure you can understand well.
It's great pleasure to visit your blog. TKS.

Anonymous said...

Mark jordan is on Goong s(wchich is Goong 2). I've never seen Goong s so I can't say how he looks like tough.
But still I prefer Daniel.
He was soooooooo good in lovely samsoon.
By the way, song stately girl means be brave or be active to love..
Hmmm still I need more to explain.. OK lah~ If you want to know more about Korean just let me know~ ^^

tiffany said...

Han! 정말 미안해요. I don't know why I kept thinking you're a guy. hehe! So is that written as 한민종?

Mark Jordon is in Goong S? I've been following Goong S up till last week (when I gave up). Which character was he acting as? Hmmm... he must have had a fairly small role. But then, I was doing a lot of fastforwarding as the pace and script was soooooo....uninteresting and slow.

Ok.. so the word 'stately isn't quite right. How about passionate?

This is why I'll probably never be able to master Korean. : (

tiffany said...

hehe! I did like Daniel Henney in Kim Sam Soon (but Hyun Bin won hands down) but I like Dennis O in Sweet Spy too.

Of the 2, I will stick to my Dennis O, which is porbably better. Then we won't have to fight. haha!

Anonymous said...

I watched the move 'seducing mr perfect' this afternoon. Hmmm Daniel was great but Um jung hwa wasn't her best. If I were in Seoul I wouldn't watch it even tough Daniel is so handsome in movie.
And guess what? I found a shortcoming of 'Perfect Daniel'. I always think that his voice is something like a child when he speaks in Korean. I thought just because he is not fluent in Korean, but today in the movie his voice wasn't that great even in English. Well, usually Korean actors have great voice so it is bad for him.
By the way when he was walking daown street with um jung hwa, girls in the cinema were screaming he was so hot. hehe
제 이름은 한민정 입니다.

passionate girl is good~

tiffany said...

안영하세요. ^^

So did you like the movie? Daniel Henney has what I call a raspy voice. You can hear it clearly when he sings.

Though I prefer men with a deep voice, I guess some girls may like that guy of raspy voice. hehe!

Really huh? The girls were screaming? Was the cinema floor wet with their droolings at the end of the show.

Actually, I like Uhm Jung Hwa in the movie. I think she's a got a certain x factor and is every attractive. : )

Han min chung said...

Oh, raspy voice. Is it that bad? I would say dry voice. haha.
I also prefer deep voice, if you like deep voice the guy who I told you before 'Kim dongryul' he gets such a wonderful deep voice.
You would love it.

I was drooling too, so for sure the floor was wet.

haha bye~

Anonymous said...

Hi! i REALLY LIKE this movie and was trying to find the OST for this one really bad. I was wondering if you know the name of the song that played at the end of the movie with the credits. If you do please give me the title. I really really really want the song. thanks! ^_^

tiffany said...

Hi annonymous ^^

You can get the ost from yesasia. Or just click on the icon or link on the left side of my blog.

The song I'm playing now is one of the song from the movie and of course there's 'Kissing Me', which I've put up the youtube link.

I can't remember what's the song that was played at the end of the movie. You sure it's not one of these 2 songs I mentioned? Was it a slow song or fast one?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany~

Thank you for replaying so fast. ^^
Anyway, I did check out the OST from Yesasia, but I can't figure out which one's which.

I know this is dumb of me to ask you, but how can I listen to the song that is currently playing in your Blog? I try to figure out where can I click to listen to it, but no luck. Do you think you have a link that can let me listen to it, please?

The end credits song was mid-tempo, and other than that, I have no clue~ >_>

Thank you again for helping me. huggles~

tiffany said...

Hi! If you go onto the soompi thread (link given on my blog), I think somewhere nearer the back pages, there were links given to 3 songs, including 'Kissing me', the song I'm playing on my blog now and one more (which I can't remember the title). See if that's the one. Sorry, can't get onto soompi now to give you exact page as the board is busy now.

If you still can't find it, then let me know and I'll upload it for you tonight. ^^

Looking at the ost list, I think there are only 4 songs in the ost. The rest should be music.

Anonymous said...

Ah~ I see~ let's see if Soompi works this time since I also tried to access the forum as well. Thank you for helping me. ^^ ~ huggles ~

Anonymous said...

Tiffany~! I found the songs from the movie!! ^^ *ish quite happy now*

Although, I'm disappointed that the title isn't in hanguel (hope i spelled that right). I know I'm asking a lot and bothering you again, but if you don't mind, do you happen to know the way it's written in Korean? I try to copy and paste from Yesasia, but couldn't.

These are the titles from the OST.

4. dang dang han geu nyuh ga ah reum dab da - Sweet Sorrow
8. nae sseul sseul han il yo il - Jin Ho
17. sarang ee byun hae do nul sarang hae - Jung Jae Hyung

thank you again, and sorry to make you waste your time with me. m(_ _)m

tiffany said...

Hi! Glad you found what you wanted.

The song titles in Korean are:

4- 당당한 그녀가 아름답다
8- 내 쓸쓸한 일요일
17- 사랑이 변해도 널 사랑해

And no, you haven't wasted any of my time. : )

Anonymous said...

yay! thank you! i've been looking for it for a while now. Now i just have to finish class and then go home and add the title in~ ^^