Monday, February 05, 2007

Lee An @ Square 2

Went down to Square 2 on Saturday for Lee An's mini-concert/ autograph signing session together with Lynn. I was a little worried for him that there may not be enough people at the mall for his launch. It would really have been demoralising.

I was there at about 1.30pm. Oh dear... it didn't seemed very happening. Is he going to sing to a half empty mall? Although there was a long queue of aunties and uncles...they were however queuing for some lucky draw. The stage was up and though it was not very big, it looked rather nice. Would there be enough people?

At about 2.45pm, Lynn and I were already standing near the front of the stage. If this was BYJ, we would probably have to start queuing overnight. Still, the crowd seems to be building up and it was beginning to look like a little more exciting.

Li Yi of Yes93.3, who was hosting the event, came on promptly at 3pm and warmed up the crowd. I think she did a rather good job.

And then he was on.

Hmm... first impression... I think he's better looking in real life.... Looks very Korean...with small eyes. haha! What am I saying? He's Korean what. But err... I think his hair too long lah. His hairstylist should seriously consider changing it. He's got a rather long face and the long hair makes his face even longer.

어때요? 멋있져?

I could see that he was rather nervous too. This was his first public performance here in Singapore and Singaporeans are not known to be the most vocal in appreciation or support. I too was waiting to see how he would perform live, for that is the true test of a good singer.... without the help of technical wizards and gadegts avaialable in a recording studio.

Lee An with Li Yi

My conclusion? I think his voice is good enough to be a singer...a good singer. I guess at least that's half the battle won. But this may not be enough ot make him a popular and well-known singer? We'll have to wait and see. Sigh... someone even commented to me that he sings better than Jun Jin. Sigh... my poor Jun Jin...I think he chose the wrong songs.

The song that I'm playing now on my blog is his favourite track- 'Mother (어머니). He was a little teary eyed when he sang this song according to Li Yi...I couldn't really see but I think his voice did break a little. I guess he must be missing his family quite a lot. It is very lonely working away from home and lauching your career in a foreign land without the support of your family and friends.

There was some mention that he may be involved in a drama later this year. If so, that will give him additional recognition. But I'm wondering though... shouldn't he establish his position as a singer first? Would it be a case of too much multi-tasking?

When the time came for the autography signing session, there was suddenly a long queue. Many of them bought the albums on the spot, after hearing him perform...including 2 ladies from JF, whom we know. Haha! But it's good. I'm glad he managed to draw such response.

Of course I got his signature too lah but I very stupid... I forgot to ask him to write my name. But perhaps that's something he could remember to do in the future.... ask for his fans' names and write them. It would be more meaningful.

Towards the end, it was rather funny... Li Yi asked him to take a photo with the crowd but I think he wasn't briefed on what he was supposed to do. So the poor guy turned around in all directions and waved, thinking that he was supposed to let us take his photo, which we didn't mind of course. ^^ In the end, what they wanted was for us, the public, to be in the background, holding up his album. I guess it should make a nice, happy keepsake photo.

Thanks to Yes93.3, Lynn and I managed to get a photo session with him on a one-to-one basis. There were another 2 girls at the session as well. I should treasure this photo. One day, when he's very famous, I can auction off my photo and become rich. Hahaha!

잘생긴남자, 맞여? 하지만, 그여자 다 예뻐요. Wahahahaha!

We went to his tea party which was held at the Lek Thai restaurant. It is a very small place and one section was reserved for him, the VIPs and the media. The rest of us (about 60 of us) were just standing around. The tea party was for the winners of Square 2 shoppers, so I'm not sure how many people were at the tea party because of him or because of the free food.

This is a very badly taken photo. Sorry, my camera ran out of battery and I had to use my handphone.

If I was a fan, I would have been very frustrated and unhappy. It was touted as a tea party, for him to minggle with 'the fans', but there was no miggling at all. The only time he did stand amongst us was for a group photo, which was over in less thN 10 minutes. I thought this would have been the best time for him to be charm the crowd. Afterall, we could become his loyal fan and it's important for him to know what we think and how we feel. At least, that's what I thought his agency/ recording company should have arranged.

But the poor boy was busy enough as I could see him constantly entertaining all the sponsors and media. I wonder if he has a manager and if he was present there with him. He seemed very much on his own... fending for himself. BUT, it does mean that he understands and speaks English well enough. This is good if he wants to expand into other countries. So many of these Korean artistes cannot speak English.

I must also give him plus points for keeping his smile throughout the more than 2 hours event. He was obliging and friendly. That's good.

After that, he went to a shop (a subsidiary of Bioskin, I think) to give away their products. I guess that company must have been one of the sponsor as well.

Actually hor.... I think it's really not easy to be an entertainer. Because you really got to entertain lor.... even if you're dead tired and don't feel like smiling.

I was really embarrassed when he recognised me as I went up to get the product from him. Sheeshh... he must be thinking why this auntie again? Is she a stalker?

And oh, I've come to the conclusion that I really do not and cannot 'chase stars'. There always seems to be something pulling me back. I'm never fast enough to do the things I'm supposed to do... like go in front of the queue/ stage. Run after him etc.

Definitely not me.

Oh, just one last note before I end this post.

Square 2 is marketed as little Seoul- the entire 3rd level is supposed to sell Korean related things. The shops are all small, like what they have in Dongdaemoon. But many of these shops are not open yet. I did see a Missha shop there, plus a couple of Hyun Bin standees. ^^

I hope the shops will be interesting. 기다리게요.



Lynn said...

oh tiff....why you didn't comment about the last part when we were outside the mini bus that he was in...hahaha...what cute & funny stuff he did to us???hehehehe.

i have to say his korean staff knows what to least he told him to turn back......if not, we would not have seen his playful side....hahaha

i was afraid he will think we are stalkers too...but that is how fans behave, isn't it?hehehe...(sorry, finding excuses for myself)..

hope he enjoy the cny cookies and barbeque pork.....and will always remember the both of us...hahaha..

anyway, the pic i took at the thai restaurant which he smiles and look straight into my camera is blurred!!!!!!arrrrrrgggggghhhhh...... (though can still see his genuine smile)..

Lynn said...

1 more thing....he is not photogenic....that's why i was quite shocked when i see his real person...he is really much much better looking in person......

and i'm not photogenic as well.... i told you right, my sister will comment how horrible i look......and yes she did...... i think camera is doing a discredit to him and me...hahahahahahaha....(hope he doesn't get a shock looking at my pic if the 2 person who also took pic of us inside the room showed him the photo)....gosh...i think i really have to do something about myself.... my chinese new year resolution....(kekekee)

tiffany said...

Haha! Lynn... I'm waiting for you to write about the lats part. I was standing a little further away from the van compared to you all. I told you i was embarassed.

But yes, he was rather cute.

Hmm... I wouldn't say he is veyr handsome but he is definitely much better looking in real life. ^^