Friday, February 02, 2007

The Birth of 리안 - Lee An

Don't recognise the song that I'm playing now? Not many people will. The singer is so new that I can't even find anything on the internet when I do a google search. Tried eveyrthing I know. Zilch!

Of course I shouldn't be surprised. He's launching his first album here in Singapore. Huh? A Korean singer launching his singing career here? Is he mad? Is his agency mad? Afterall, despite all the hype and talk about the Hallyu or Korean Wave, the Korean music scene in Singapore is totally pathetic. Sigh..

So who's he?

His name is 리안 (Lee An/里安), which I'm guessing is his stage name. In a short article that appeared on The Straits Times this week, it mentioned that his recording company is basing him here in Singapore to do his regional launch. Is it a strategy to get him off to a easier start as there is absolutely no competition here? I mean how many Korean singers do we know that launches their singing career here? Heck, many Singaporean singers actually go overseas to launch their career. They go Taiwan or Hong Kong, make it big and then come back to Singapore. Stephanie Sun and A Du are 2 examples.

But then, I don't work in the entertainment industry, so what do I know?

I bought his album the other night and I rather like it, enjoying most of the songs. He has a rather 'husky' voice as someone said. The voice is alright and good enough but he may have to work a lot harder to get his own unique signature. Especially where singers are a dime a dozen in Korea. Track 2, which is what you're listening to now, is called 힘내요 그대 (alamak, don't know how to translate this....err... something like 'It's dificult but let's strive hard'. Do I make any sense? Those who know Korean well, please help). Yes93.3 has been playing it quite often.

I also like Track 4- 'Come into my Life'. But I do find it strange to listen to the theme song of 'Friends' in Korean... Hmmm....

Anyway, it's on sale already in the retail outlets. And he will be Square 2 at 3pm this Saturday to promote his album. Li Yi of Yes93.3 is hosting the event.

Where's Square 2? It's a brand new shopping mall, above Novena mrt station. It's supposed to have 3 levels of Korean theme shops. Another reason for going down this Saturday. Hehe!

So do drop by, if you can and support this brave young boy lah. You can read more about him on spicebear's blog. She's actually heard him sing before all this official launch. She even recorded a clip of him when he was singing. Wow!

리안, 아자!

*Edit:I just heard that there will be an interview with him on Yes93.3 today at about 1pm. ^^

A piece of news that may be of interest to those who are watching Goong S or remotely interested in it.

The ost for Goong S or Prince Hoo is out. HowL is again singing the theme song. They sang the theme song for Goong too. I like it. It's nice. You can watch the mv, Miracle here. And oh... DBSK or TVSQ has a song in the ost too...

For those who are nostalgic for the orginal Goong series, you can watch the
Parrot by HowL- original mv or the fanmade Goong MV.

I shall really hold my comments for this show at the moment as it's still too early to see if it will pick up. But Lee Joon (Kang Doo) is beginning to appeal to me alot more. I'm probably the only one in his camp though.

Must go find out the other dramas of this 'new' young man. Hehe!



Photos from the Goong S soompi thread. Especially Luv.


Lynn said...

hi tiff, thanks for introducing Lee An on your blog. Btw, Square 2 is not above the MRT station though. For those who is intending to go this sat, you can take MRT to Novena station, and froM Novena Square back door('s at 1 of the corner of the building),you can cut across to go to Square 2, it is behind Novena Square. (you can't see Square 2 from the main road)

As for 'Prince Who', i prefer Lee Hoo(Se7en)..hahaha...he is considered good though this is his 1st time acting. Lee Joon....mmmm....okay lah...but i prefer soon yi to go with Se7en..hehe

tiffany said...

Thanks for the directions, Lynn. Well, that's why the mall mgt said on their website. ^^

Se7en... hmmm... he's getting better but...think I still prefer my Lee Joon. hehe!

gerri said...

i love reading ur blog!!! i feel so updated on korean drama stuffs. =D

tiffany said...

hehe! Thanks gerri... My husband always say I spend too much time on these stuff? But hor, I'm actually not as updated as you think. ^^

mrs a said...

Never heard of this young man before but he does have a very nice voice.
Who knows - someday you may be able to say I knew him when...

I am hoping to see more of Goong S now that I am hooked on it... hahaha I think Se7en will get better. Plus the writing isn't that good.

tiffany said...

haha! Mrs A... you're into Goong S now?

I can't say I've been charmed by Se7en and if I'm not charned by now after 8 episodes, then it's not likely that I would be. But I must say that his acting has improved over the last few episodes.