Saturday, February 17, 2007

Andong chicken

Was sorting out my laptop and found these photos from my Korea trip in December 2006.

It was so heavenly delicious....I can still remember the taste.

Andong Chicken

This was the restaurant where we had this finger licking good chicken.... Unfortunately I couldn't remember the exact address though I'm sure bb would... It was in Daehano...that much I can remember. bb?

Here's a little more information on Andong and it's famous chicken.

Andong Festival

Sigh.... if only we can have Andong chicken for our reunion dinner....

Gosh... now I'm really hungry...


marissa said...

My friends who visited Korea last year were all raving about this dish. They swear it was really good though when we asked them to describe the dish for us in the hope that we can do it here, they have a hard time guessing what the spices were.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Han again. If you can read Korean
this site will help you to cook andong chicken. Actually the spices are green pepper, soya souce, sugar, minced garlic and so on.
And this weekend on channel U great korean movie 'classic' will be. I don't know the Singaporean name is. This is good one, try. Your blog is really nice.

tiffany said...

Hello Han ^^

Thanks for the link for the Andong chicken recipe though I'm not sure I will be able to cook it. I'm a terrible cook. haha!

The English title is also called 'The Classic'.

'The Classic' 봤어요. Limited edition dvd 또샀어요. 영화 하고 영화음악 너무좋아헤요. 조인성 아주 멌있다. hehe!

Actually, I wrote about the music of The Classic in one of my posting- Korean Music Videos

I agree, it's a nice movie and the music is great.

tiffany said...

Marissa- hehe! You want to follow the recipe and try it out? hehe!

marissa said...


I would love to but I have to ask someone to translate the hangul for me since I cant read it.

By the way thanks Han for the link.

Anonymous said...

By the way this recipe is better than former one.

Han min chung said...

Hi Tiffany and Marissa
If you need a recipe for ANDONG CHICKEN, I have one.
You can check it out on my blog.
recipe is same with this site, you can see photo in this site and you can read recipe on my blog.

Brita said...

Hi there, loved looking through your site. I am trying to find an Andong Chicken (jjimdak) recipe in English, I was in Seoul last month and am still dreaming of the delicious taste.... I tried going to the links that Han sent but they keep redirecting me. Did you ever have any luck finding a version in english? Thanks for the great posts. -Brita

tiffany said...

Hi Brita

I guess those links don't really work anymore. You can try the following:

These are a couple of links I found searching through google. Not sure if they are any good though the 2nd one is by a Korean.

Good luck! I'm still salivating over the thought of Andong chicken...yummy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

I love andong chicken so much after tasting it in a korean restaurant near China Square, Singapore. I have try the recipe your web at but it was written in korean. Can anyones pls translate it in english.Really appreciate your help. Thanks.