Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter clothes

I was corresponding with my Korean client the other day and was saying that I hope the weather is warner now. She replied to say that it was still very cold and in fact was forcasted to snow the next day.

Now, I'm hate wearing all those winter clothes, because they're so thick and I have to waer so many layers that they made me look like a dumpling. Not to mention that I have a hard time when i want to go to the toilet. But I love looking at them......, especially those in the dramas. Somehow, they look better on others than on me.

                    90 Days, Time to Love                                                     Lovers

                      Queen of the Game                                                     Snow Queen

Can you imagine wearing any of these in the sweltering heat of tropical Singapore?

Sigh... but they're so nice hor?


mrs a said...

We are having very cold artic weather here in Ohio,USA. -2 this morning going to work and that isn't counting the wind chill factor! Ugh! Dressing warm is the order of the day! I want spring to come, please come!

tiffany said...

Mrs A- it's been rather cool here in SG too but no, not -2. More like in the 20's. But that's cool for us already.

I don't knnow. I complain alot about the cold but I do like winter clothes. Sigh...