Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who did you say they were?

As many of you know, I went to Korea in December. I meant to start posting about my trip last week but the *burp* festive feasting didnt help. So now, I'm still sorting out my photos, resizing them, tagging them and then uploading them onto photobucket. Sigh...

But both bb and mishio have already started blogging about their trip to Korea. So do go and read it first.

In the meantime, a little quiz for you all. Can you name all the names of the artistes of these statues in the photos below? Like bb, I was truely stumped with some of them. I was going "You mean this is xxxx?" for most of them. Some you tell straught away...not because they look lifelike but because the pose is so know instantly who they are supposed to be...even if the statue looks nothing at all like its namesake. All of them can be found in the Hallyu Expo in Asia, held on Jeju Island.

Have fun people. I shall reveal the answers in my next posting and the winner will errr..... get a cyber bouquet from me. haha!






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