Thursday, January 25, 2007

All about Goong

There seems to be an increase in traffic to this site recently and upon checking...hehe...most were searches for Goong or Princess Hours.

So out of curiosity, I made a quick check to see how many times I've blogged about the show or the actors and well... ahem... this is embarassing but..actually, there were quite a lot...considering I don't have many posts. So for those who are looking to see what I've written about this popular drama, here they are:

1st May 2006-

24th May 2006
May in Korea and the Emergence of the Great King

11th June 2006
June in Korea

8th October
Goong/ Princess Hour/ 궁/ 野蛮王妃

1st November
Raining Goong

I'm now watching Goong S... well sort of..

I've been forwarding the first 4 episodes. I've yet to be impressed with Se7en's acting but Kang Doo shows some promise. I like the 2 female leads, Park Shin Hye and Huh Lee Jae better. The storyline has yet to really pick up as well and there are quite a few similarities between Goong and Goong S, which I'm not sure it's good, so I shall see if it's going to be as popula as Goong.

I blogged about this drama last year too.

18th October Goong S
Goong S

Does the above picture look familiar?


bb said...

actually i think lee hoo's character is not loveable enough. think they're trying for pure-cute, problem is not enough substance and depth in the character will turn the audience away.

i like the queen though, think she's pretty... can't say i like park shin hye though :p

think i'm gonna continue watching goong S... hehe, i didn't fastforward anything except the motorbiking, skateboarding parts in epi 1...

tiffany said...

Yes, I agree that the script and content is not strong enough. And they are trying to make Lee Hoon too cute and 'bumpkin-like'? His character should be street smart, considering what he's been doing and where he's been living for the past 20 years of his life.

PSY- I've seen her in previous show-always as a goody, goody girl, so it's refreshing to see her here as a more scheming person. She really does look older than 17.

I like Kang Do and HYJ. ^^

I'm still watching it but I'm afraid with lots of FF....

tiffany said...

Mrs A... you also watching Goong S? They really should have chosen another title and have less similarities. Think it would have been better. Alamak, they even use teddy bear here as well.

I still prefer Alfred though. hehe!