Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Raining Goong

I can't believe I'm going to blog about Rain and Goong again after being away for a week.

Rain's concert appeared as a full page advert in The Straits Times on Monday. It would have cost the organizers over $10,000 to place the advert.

And well, what do you know? The cast of Princess Hours (except for Song Ji Hyo) is on the cover of I- Weekly this week.

So I guess I have no choice really. It's a sign from above.

Rain- Vol 4 Rain's World

Now that his much anticipated 4th album is out, publicity wheels for the album have been spinning non-stop, starting with the promotional concert that was held just last month. The high point will be his world concert series that will kick off in Seoul on 15th December and will tour 12 countries.

And Singapore, miraculously, will be Asia's first stop for this concert series. It will be held here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (where Shinhwa had their concert) on the 21st January 2007. Singapore's concert was making news waves. Or to be more precise, the ticket prices caused a tsunami.

When the concert was announced, the cheapest ticket was $188 and the most expensive was $888. I almost had a heart attack!

Ouch! And Ouch again! Make that another Ouch! And a thousand Ouch!

Crazy prices. And yet I heard all 200 of the $888 tickets were 'pre-booked', and the $188 prices went fast too. I know of at least 4 people who booked the $588 tickets. What can I say? Rain does have loyal fans.

But would he have enough loyal fans for the concert to succeed?

I'm not sure whether the exorbitant prices was a publicity gimmick, but over the last weekend, I heard that the prices would be adjusted and I was really glad... thinking that I would be able to afford it. Then I saw the advert in the newspaper and I was sorely disappointed again.

The most expensive was $488 but the cheapest was still $188. Even with 10% discount, it would still be S$170. And for that price, I will be looking at a Raindrop.

I am aware that Rain's concert will involve some spectacular effects and he has also roped in some of the best production people for a great concert. I have no doubt that it will be a eye-opener concert judging from all the clips that I've seen. However, I'm there to see Rain sing, the rest are fringe benefits that adds to the experience. So...

Anyway, for further information, you can log onto Rain's official tour website or Singapore's co-ordination company, UnUsual Production. For booking of tickets, log onto to SISTIC.

I've watched 2 mvs from in his new album and I'm still trying to decide if I like the songs.

Now don't be mistaken. His performance is great. And he has great charisma too. No doubt about it.

But I find the songs more suited to 'watch' than to 'listen'. Without the enhanced experience of watching Rain perform whilst singing the songs, I find it a little hard to feel connected to the music.

Maybe I need to listen to the songs a few more times.

Maybe I'm getting too old for such loud music.

Or maybe his music just isn't for me. But I do like his BMW mv

MV song from his latest album. What do you think?
I'm Coming
In My Bed

But whether you like his songs or not, there is no denying that he puts in great effort in his performance. Just look at the photos.


I must say that the stage production is really something. You can see what I mean from this clip of his recent promotional concert in Seoul where he performed the song Friend. Apparently, his new album signifies Rain washing away the dirt and flith of the world. A chingu said that Rain is trying to save the world. I told her that he would be saving me if the concert tickets are cheaper because then I wouldn't have to rob a bank to watch him. hahaha!

Channel U is really laying out the publicity blitz for Princess Hours or Goong. The number of times they have appeared on the various newspapers and magazines is totally amazing. Their PR dept is really working hard. Of course, I know the drama and the artistes have quite a number of supporters. At one time, there were at least 4 bloggers I know that had the theme song from Goong on their site (including me. Haha!). Spicebear's Simply Korean is still playing the song. And Ani has recently blogged about Goong again on her blog, Solely Seoul.

So what have the various 'Goong' actors been doing as they're not involved in Goong 2?

Yoon Eun Hye finished another drama not too long ago.. The Vineyard Man. Although the ripple weren't big for this, I think the feedback was ok. You can watch the MV here. The OST seems nice leh.


She's also been busy with quite a number of CFs. Hehe! All her CFs quite cute lah, I especially like the LG Telecom one.
Green tea
LG telecom
MPLE bag


Song Ji Hyo is now in Jumong as Yesoya. I don't think I need to say anything more about this drama as it is already over 40% in ratings. I do feel a little sorry for her though as pictures in the publications often exclude her from the cast of Goong. She's also come under some fire about her performance in Jumong. But it's hard to be popular when you're the other woman. There were some comments about her 'poodle hair' initially but that seems to have been corrected. hehe! There is now talk that Jumong may be extended to 85 epsiodes from the original 60 episodes, which means it will end in March next year. I think it's probably due to BYJ's GKFG being scheduled to air at that time next year. MBC has always wanted to air the 2 period dramas back-to-back.
I think she's really quite pretty.

She doesn't seemed to have as many CFs as YEH, but she did appear for Nakine clothes together with Jo Ji Hoon in the beginning of the year. You watch some filming here

Ju Ji Hoon has been lying low and taking on only CFs. He was afterall, a model to start with. But there's a rumour that he may be considering a movie. So far, it's still a rumour, so please, all the fans out there... don't get so excited.
OB beer
Green Time
Crown butter waffle
(I know of a certain someone who received the waffles. haha! Read here

And if you want to see a Crown Prince doing the catwalk...
in green brief
Bon fashion


Ok lah... I must admit he has charms and is good looking. No wonder got so many people swooning over him..

As for Kim Jung Hoon..he's just a busy. He was in Taiwan just last week for some promotion. And his record company, making full use of his current popularity, has released a compilation of his songs recently. Yes, I'm talking about this -->

It has 12 of the best songs of both his solo and UN. I really like it. ^^ There's also a bonus dvd... so you can catch some of the mvs of his older songs. And boy, does he look young then.
You Are the One, 2001
Pado, 2nd album

I think he looks better now. More matured.

His new Japanese album, 5 Stella Lights as also been released on the 25th October. Here's a short preview clip of the song Sirius. Sounds good enough. Very Japnese in flavour.

Btw, he's known as John Hoon... for this album...not sure if it's only for the Japanese market... but here he is... Mr John Hoon

Well.... I guess that's all... Sorry to those who have absolutely no interest in either Goong or Rain.

I promise that my next posting will not be on them... ^^


Emotional Turmoil said...
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Emotional Turmoil said...

hihi !!! thanks for all the news on them !!! i was wondering what they all have been up to but i couldn't find anything. THANKS !!! KAM SA HAM NEE DA !!! oh. and i linked you !!!

Anonymous said...

hi tiff,

u change the song .. hmm... i was happily listening to it this morning ..... miss it .. kee kee

Rain concert ticket is still too expensive for me to buy them ... so i am now hoping for Free tickets or lucky draw to be happen ... hahaha


tiffany said...

Hi emotional turmoil

Wah! your name very long leh. Thanks for dropping by and linking my blog. I glanced briefly at your site. Wow! I'm impressed. Must drop by later tonight when I'm free to take a proper look.

Actually, my news not that updated lah coz I also don't have that much time to follow all their news. But I do know the generally. Glad you like it. ^^

tiffany said...

Ros, I thought people might get sick of that song mah, so I just changed.

I like this song too.

In fact, I like most of the songs in his album. hehe!

Yes, I agree, Rain's concert ticket is still too expensive. I'm also hoping for promotional tickets. haha!

아이니 Aini said...

Like I always said-

oppa can sing the phone book, the straits times classified ads, the 4-D results, or the newpaper that wraps the nasi lemak this morning, and he will sound like a cheesecake with extra cream on top and durian paste on the side...아...맛있다....

Spicebears 스파이스베어 said...

Thanks for your background song. Now i have fallen in love with Sung Si Kyung ... oh not him ... i mean his song "거리에서". ^o^

bb said...

so, we're not gonna be raining in september?

p.s. the singapore broadcasters might have meant to target the younger population for goong, but.. haha, my 30-something cousin, 50-something and 60-something aunties are all hooked!

when we meet for family dinners these days, it's always 'whose camp are you on? shin-gun or..?' :p

tiffany said...

Err...Ani, not sure I want SSK to sing he 4D results or the newspaper that wrapped the nasi lemak leh..

But his voice is really smooth. You really should listen to him sing live.

I see you've just discovered another favourite singer of mine.

tiffany said...

bb, it's been raining heavily recently... both Singapore rain and the Korean Rain.

hehe! I know whose side you are on. But I want both. ^^

tiffany said...

Spicebears, you mean Ani hasn't infected you yet? Ani, you haven't done your job properly.

Spicebears 스파이스베어 said...

Ya lor. Aini should have infected me earlier.

Yee said...

Hi Tiffany,

I am watching Jumong, on Mondays and Tuesdays. I haven't seen this actress (Song Ji Hyo) yet. I guess she shows up in later episodes. I am watching this on the cable and same time watching "Emporer of the Sea" DVDs. I am starting to like Song Il Gook even though his look is not my type. but funny thing is we are watching this 2 episodes a day, not like WS, which we cannot stop till 3 am for 4 nights straight. And wake up at 5 am to go to work @.@.

아이니 Aini said...

You know, Tiffany, Spicebear and I spent nearly 1 month together in the same room in Seoul, and everyday I would be looking for oppa...everynight I slept with his voice in my ears, I even wrote a presentation about oppa in class, I even SANG his song in front of the class.....Not enough meh? aigoo...

Spicebear, you come from a line of descendant of spicebears with strong immunity lah. But finally, with a red umbrella in one hand, and guitar in one, oppa finally melted the bear's heart ^^

marissa said...


Love the new song makes me wanna refresh your page over and over again.

When I first heard Rain's new album I was skeptical about the hiphop and R&B sound as opposed to his previous dance tracks. I had a hard time imagining the kind of dance to go with the song (that was before I saw the showcase). But I guess listening to it over and over made it grow on me.

I hope goong will be shown here soon. Im rewatching my DVD a few days ago. Miss my Shin