Saturday, November 18, 2006

Music scene in Korea

Finally I can relax alittle. The last couple of weeks have been crazy. There were nights I slept at 4.30am in the morning. I was so tired that I didn't have any energy to write, nor did I have the time to read much. Thank goodness it's over now and I can finally breathe. Whilst I have been busy with work, it seems the Korean entertainment music scene has been busy too.

Besides Rain's much anticipated album, quite a few singers have also released their latest or new album.

Se7en Vol 4- Se7olution, Kim Jung Hoon Best Album, Sung Si Kyung Vol 5- The Ballads, Jun Jin First Single- Love Doesn't Come, SS501 Vol 1- S.T. 01 Now, Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 3- Repackage version, SG Wannabe Best Album- History... the list goes on...

I bought Kim Jung Hoon's album sometime ago but just never got around to writing about it. It was released hot on the trail of his Goong popularity. Consisting of a cd (12 songs) and a dvd (9 MVs), of which half are his own hits and the rest are hits as UN.

Personally, I think the bonus is in the dvd disc, which included their first song, “ Voice mail” and the “Waves (파도)”. Boy, do they look young....and strange 'dancing away'. But I like the mv for “가지 말아요” most of all... as it is sort of their goodbye song, as UN.

Glass is one of Kim Jung Hoon's solo hit which I like. It's in the cd, but not in mv disc. Remember is also another solo hit of his and is recorded in the dvd disc but not in the cd. Luckily I have his other cd.

The following 2 songs are UN's early hits and it's only in the MV disc. It was quite funny and weird to see them in their early stage.
Waves (파도)
Voice Mail

Frankly speaking, as much as I like Kim Jung Hoon and his songs, I think the songs where he was part of UN are better.

Of course, his latest Japanese album has also been released. Here's the full mv version of the song, Sirius. Like I told someone this morning...very Japanese feel...

By now, most of you would know that I'm totally in love with Sung Si Kyung's latest album. Well, it's hard to miss the point when I keep playing songs from the album on my blog. But many if not all of the people I know are also in love with his album, especially the song On the Street (거리에서). The tune is unusual because of the way it's been arranged. You will know what I mean when you listen to this beautiful song.

Together with Cho Sung Mo, Sung Si Kyung is considered as one of the King of Ballads. I love both of them and having heard them sing live before, I'm totally bowled over. Many singers can record a album and with the power of the techonology whizz, they can sound pretty good in a disc. But not all of these singers can sing live. The difference between a good singer and just a singer.

Sung Si Kyung was in SG about 3 years about. He was probably one of the first singers to come here to promote his album. He had a mini performance at one of the clubs. There weren't many of us then... maybe about 100 people? I must admit I wasn't a fan then... I went along because I was kaypoh. But after hearing him..I've bought nearly all his albums.

Sung Si Kyung's voice is like warm marshmellow and one plus point is the fact he can sing both slow and fairly fast, jazzy songs. It really puts me in a good mood when I listen to this album.

Track 4= 그 길을 걷다거
Track 13= 살콤한 상상
Track 16= 오, 사람

I'm just bought Se7en's latest album and have been listening to it. Though I've heard some of his songs in the past, somehow his songs were never really for me. Is he too young for me? I think it's more like his style is not really to my taste. However, I know he's changed his style for this latest album and I was curious. Do I like it? Though he's not high on my list, I must say I was actually surprised to find that I quite enjoy some of the tracks.

They are laying it big for his song, La La La but I'm more keen on the following songs:

Track 2= Girlfriend
Track 8= 닮은 사랑
Track 14= Promise

I wonder how is his preparation for Goong 2

And last of all, before I end off.... Jun Jin's latest single is out on 18th November. Some of his publicity shots were filmed here in SG... ^^

This is the mv for his single, Love Doesn't Come..aigiooo.. he's so cute...and his hair is long now like BYJ. Actually, the way he ties up his hair reminds me of BYJ.. hehe!

I guess that's about all for the moment.

Oh... Shinhwa will be releasing their State of the Art concert in Seoul next week, on the 25th November and Min Woo will also be releasing his new album at the end of the month.

Anyone thinking of what present to buy me for Christmas, I have a long list of cds I would love to get. Hehe!

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