Saturday, November 25, 2006

Korean Music Videos

I was going to write about Beautiful Days as my next posting but I got this beautiful new song and mv by SG Wannabe/ Kim Jong Gook. This is the song that you are hearing on this blog. Unfortunately, it is a digital release – which means you can only buy it off the internet. But where and how the %$32*&6 *76$# do I buy it? Arrgghhhh!!!

Apparently, this song, 'Paramman, Paramman' was recorded by Kim Jong Kook before he went into the army but SG Wannabe only recorded their part recently.

I like both of them. It's such a great combination. Sigh... And I defintely like Dennis O more than Daniel Henny. He is soooooo good looking in the mv..Sorry for the drooling. Aigoo...

The song's mv is also a confirmation of the excellent works that Koreans are capable off. These mvs are almost always like a mini story and indeed, I think I read once somewhere that it's a honour and privilege to act in a mv..especially if the singer is well known.

'Paramman, Paramman' I'm in love with the song and the mv.

One of my best buy was this item- 'Missing You- The Sorrow of Parting- History & Hit Music Clips 1998- 2003'

It has a total of 6 discs and contains some of the best mvs from around those years...including classics like Jo Sung Mo's Goodbye My Love (BYJ!!!!) and Position's I Love You.

And oh...there's Korean, English and Chinese you can sing along to it. Hehehe!

Anyway, back to mvs. It brings so much enhancement to the total enjoyment of the music when you have a beautiful mv...even better when you see someone that you recognise. Don't you agree. Sometimes, I get so distracted by the mv that I miss out on the song. And then I have to rewatch it again just to listen to the song.

Here are some mvs that I like. They are by no means the only mvs but then I can't really name all those that I like right? Hehe!

Kim Bum Soo
BoGo Shipta”. Yes, it's that famous song used in the drama, Stairways to Heaven. But this is the original mv-without Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo.

'Memory' You can drool over Hyun Bin in this mv. Although I'm still trying to understand the ending...hmm...

'Once Upon a Day'. This came out shortly after the 'Autumn in My Heart' drama and for many of us then...who were not familiar with the world of Korean mvs, we thought it was a movie. Hehe! So we were going around trying to find out about it and where can we buy it...till we realised that it was a mv. But what a beautiful mv!

Jo Sung Mo
'To Heaven'- Lee Byun Hun!!!! ok..and Kim Ha Neul and that Manager Wu from Hotelier as well. LBH really does look cool..reminds me of Tony Leung Chiu Wai. This song was from JSM's first album- To Heaven

This is the mv for 'Mr Flower'. It was So Ji Sub's last mv before he went into the army and was filmed in Japan. Must say both Kim Eun Jung and So Ji Sub look good in here. But another mv with sad ending. From JSM's last album, 'My First'. Sigh...We wouldn't be hearing from him for awhile as he's in the army now.

Kim Jong Kook

'Loveable'. I love this's so how shall I put it...snap-your-fingers-and-sing-along song. Hehe! And he's so cute...half dancing/ half walking. From his 3rd album- 'This is Me'

Starring the very loveable Yoon Eun Hye, this beautiful song, 'Saying I Love You' is from his album, '4th letter'. Kim Jong Kook is also in the army...double sigh....

SG Wannabe
'Slow'- featuring Kim Dong Wan!-> Ok, stop salivating. He doesn't strip like that in the mv. I wonder if he feels strange acting in another singer's mv? From SG Wannabe's album, '3rd Masterpiece'

This mv, 'Crime and Punishment' is in their '2nd album'. It was this album that got me mersmerised about them. Their voices are so great and powerful. Hard to believe that these 3 guys are all very young, with 2 of them only in their early 20's.

Lee Soo Young
I don't know why so many of these singers like to have 2 part series mvs..with a 'to be continued...' at the end of the first mv. Maybe it's because you're already paying the artistes to film a might as well film another one right? But Lee Soo Young has a 3 part mv series. Not that I'm complaining..coz Lee Jun Ki is in it. From her latest album, Grace

'Grace 2'

Most dramas and movies have a mv and strangely, the ones that are memorable for me are mostly period drama/ movie.

'Damo'. Gosh..I still have goose bumps whenever I watch this. And for the record... I like the rebel Jang Seong Baek (Kim Min Jung). But boo-hooo-hooo, I can't get hold of the album anywhere anymore!

King and the Clown
'King and the Clown'. Don't think I need to say anything more... But err... strangely, I can't seem to find this song in the ost leh.....

Hwang Jin Yi
'Hwang Jin Yi'. For some strange reasons, Ha Ji Won does better in period drama than in contemporary ones. At least in my opinion anyway. But this is also another sad drama...haizzz

The Classic
'The Classic'. I like the song. In fact, I like all the songs in this ost. And yes, I like the movie too. I watch Cha Seung Woo for the acting and Jo In Sung for eye candy. Ok lah...Son Yeh Jin is pretty ok in here too. The fact that this album is still available for sale in Yesasia and is shipped out within 1-2 days says something about its popularity. ^^

I read there's probably a part 2 for SG Wannabe/ Kim Jong Kook's collaboration. Can't wait to watch it but I would still like to know how do I buy the album????


Athiwan Yaemmuan said...

hello ive searched online for korean blogs and yours came up. i'm so glad to have come across to your blog. i have a fascination with korean culture, the wave, and everything, including languages. i wanted to know that i'd be more than willing to mail you a copy of Damo's album, OST.. if you want. i know its hard to find well simply because they've stopped producing it. please email me if you are interested, i'd love to talk to you and get to know you. so envious that you are in korea now.. i'd like to get your advice on how to get there and where to go.. its my dream to go visit and travel..

nice to meet you,
e-mail: or

tiffany said...

Hi athiwan yaemmuan

welcome to my blog.^^ ㅑ',gald you've enjoyed reading it. Yes, it's rather strange how fascinated with anything Korea.

Thanks very much for your offer re Damo ost. Not to worry. I do have the songs on my pc but it's just that I would love to have a original copy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Han again.
I prefer Danniel henny to Denis oh. Danniel is like mature man, Denis is still young. I'm gonna watch 'Seducing Mr.Perfect'.
Oh, in Classic Lee ki woo who marry son ye jin is also good looking, rookie. Worth to keep watching him.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Do you know where to purchase the DVD for the movie titled "The Classic"

email me

Thanks a lot