Saturday, October 21, 2006

Which Star are You From?/ What's Your Star?

Which Star are You From
Cast: Kim Rae Won (Choi Seung Hui), Hung Ryeo Won (Lee Hye Su/ Kim Bok Sil/ Lee Hye Rim), Kang Jung Hwa (Yun Mi Yeon), Park Si Hu (Han Jeong Hun)
Director: Pyo Min Soo (Full House)

I finally managed to finish Which Star Are You From after many weeks...

It's not that the acting was bad.

It's not the Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won has no chemistry

Nobody died (well, sort of).

Nobody had amnesia.

No vague brother/ sister relationship.

The 3rd parties weren't that irritating.

And it has a happy ending too (just in case you are wondering)

So why did it take such a long time? Hmm... I guess because the storyline wasn't that compelling and there was still that certain little spark lacking to make this a “I-must-watch-till-5am- drama”.

I do like the chemistry between the 2 'Wons'. It was what made me watch when I first caught sight of it early this year. I was really attracted by their ease with each other. Perhaps because both of them portray a sunny disposition. This chemistry continued throughout the drama which makes it a pleasure to watch.


But the storyline is somewhat a little dull and there are little surprises. Whilst I like the fact that they affirmed their love for each other quite early on (instead of dragging on like in Full House) I find the relationship development not quite well fleshed out. I mean, it's not every convincing to me how 2 people from different world (except for the fact that she looks very much like his dead girlfriend) fell in love so quickly.

And as much as I love happy scenes, me doth think there was a touch too many of these running/ cycling/ laughing in the meadows/ field etc.

But both their acting has improved tremendously, in particular Kim Rae Won. He's lost weight and is slim and fit, no doubt due to his previous movie (Mr Socrates). There is a certain maturity and stability in his good looks. He's certainly come a long way since I first saw him in My Love Pattzi (where he stole the limelight from Kim Jae Won).

He's able to convey a lot more emotion through just his eyes or facial expression and he's still funny when he has to be.

Two scenes from him stand out in my mind:
When he was having a meal with Bok Shil and in his drunken state.. he starts imagining she is Hye Su. The crying scene in the toilet was one of great sorrow.

In the last episode, when he and Bok Shil fought in the street and 'broke up'. After they turned away from each other, that little gesture of frustration and temper was really cute. (Gif from soompi, WSAUF thread)

But KRW is one busy man. His new movie is about to be shown... with Huh Lee Jae as the leading actress (read here to find out who she is). And he's preparing for his new drama, Gourmet (originally a Japanese drama). He's definitely working hard.. I wonder if he regrets doing movies like Plum Blossom now. And if you don't know what that is...I don't think you want to spoil your impression of him by watching such a movie.

Like I said, he's matured a lot. ^^ A couple of years back, I saw him in Singapore? He was in Bintan to do a magazine shoot and passed through Singapore. We were at the Taneh Merah ferry terminal to see him (not many Korean artistes passed through our shores back then). Altogether there were only about 20 of us, not many really. But I think he was caught by surprise with our appearance and was casually dressed after a long hard day of shooting. He was literally surrounded by strangers that he could not communicate with... Don't know where his manager was. It's no wonder that he was stressed and didn't appear very friendly. However, I would also count it as age and experience on how to handle such a situation. I think he would know better now should he ever be in such a state again. ^^

It would seemed he's determind to prove his worth as an actor judging from his last 2 movies.
Trailer for Sunflower

As for Jung Ryeo Won, I was pleasantly surprised by her acting in here as I wasn't too impressed with her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I thought she carrried off her role as a dorky, out-spoken and brave country girl very well.

I like the scene where she crying her heart out after seeing Seung Hui unexpectedly (after breaking up due to her mother's objection) and realising that she still misses and loves him a lot. Thank goodness she didn't wail..but instead she managed to sound as if her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces.

I just found out that she used to date Jun Jin (wow!) and she's had plastic surgery done (not that surprising in Korea). She's also a singer according to the profile. Hmmm....

Is this worth watching? I would say it's ok and worth a watch.. if only because of Kim Rae Won and the chemistry between the 2 leads. And oh... some interesting facts...

- It was originally supposed to be called 'Princess' but was changed because a similar sounding titled drama “Princess Lulu” didn't do well.
- It was fighting with the much anticipated Spring Waltz from PD Yoon.
- The writing team (I think) of Spring Waltz moved over to WSAUF.

What can I say?.. Kim Rae Won looks really good here.


I really like the songs in the drama.

Love you

Dialogue in last ep
(with him playing on the piano)
KRW singing
KRW played on the piano and sang "You Are Born to be Loved" in ep 11. ^^ Wonder why they seemed to like to have a guy playing on the piano and playing for the girlfirend. I think LIP started this trend.

Another reason for visiting Jeju Island.. isn't this beautiful?


-- Asta TV May issue, enquire at

Wonder what should I watch next....


marissa said...

Hi tiff,

I tried watching it two months ago but I lost interest after just two episodes. I like KRW in Attic Cat and Harvard and Plum Blossom was ok too (hahaha).

So far I'm enjoying What's Up Fox raw, hope the storyline can sustain my interest.

tiffany said...

Yeah, like I said... it wasn't that great but it doesn't mean KRW didn't act well. Just that the script was ...

I heard What's Up Fox is quite funny.... so will be looking out for that.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im from the phils. i really enjoyed watching this drama with KRW AND JRW and they are perfect. I fell inlove with them. They really convinced me of what they really feel. it is different from any korea drama coz this is magic from the two of them.,,,,, i will watch it over and over.....hope they will do another drama together....good luck to both of them and hopefully someday they become true couple..:)

Anonymous said...

I remember my old love when i get to watch this drama Kim and Jung was great...They really have chemistry with each other...i love watching drama that really shows true love and happiness at the end

Anonymous said...

KIM RAE WON......ilove you very much!!!!!!

tiffany said...

Hi guest from Philippines...

I enjoyed this drama too... primarily because of their chemistry. But the storyline is only so-so.

Doubt they will do anything tog in the near future. Both are busy preparing for their own dramas. Kim rae Won for Gourmet and Jung Ryeo Won for Cain and Abel. ^^