Wednesday, October 04, 2006


And I thought the Korean fever has cooled down in Singapore but nope... it seems to be going on strong.

There's much publicity for the upcoming drama, Princes Hours or Gong on Channel U. The Chinese radio station, Yes93.3 has been actively playing the theme song and I'm certain all the Chinese DJs there have been given a set of the drama, with the instruction to go home and watch it so that they can discuss about it on air. But, as I happened to like the drama, I'm more than pleased with all these publicity. Shall talk about it (AGAIN!) on another post.

Today's blog is about another another star whose popularity seems to be rising very fast in Asia and beyond.

Rain oror Jeong Ji Hoon.

He's on the cover of this week's I-Weekly. There was a promotion on his latest Japanese album - Eternal Rain in Sunday Times 2 weeks ago. And cable keeps playing his MV, "Move On" on tv. Not to mention that it is also playing both his dramas back-to-back- "A Love to Kill" and "Full House". Wow!

He will be releasing his latest album next week and lots of activities have been started to promote it.. The opening of the fan club to international members, a major concert in Seoul next week.....

I think we're going to be swamped with news, photos and videos of him for quite awhile as he's planning to go on a world tour for his latest album.

Most people think Full House was his first drama but actually Sangdo, Let's Go to School was his first. He was in the drama together with Kong Hyo Jin and Lee Dong Gun. Though I didn't finish watching the drama (Jos...where's my disc?), I thought he was very good in fact, I thought his acting and character more solid than in Full House. But he had a much better chemistry with Song Hae Gyo in Full House. As for A Love to Kill...err..... I can only say that he tried hard but he was against a bad script and zero chemistry with Shim Min Na. But kudos to him for trying a completely different role from that of Full House.

His latest movie, I'm a Cyborg, But It's Ok should be interesting. It's double the anticipation because of Im Soo Jong (MISA, A Tale of 2 Sisters). No doubt most Koreans and movie critics would be looking forward to it because of the director, Park Chan Woo (Oldboy, JSA). But I didn't like Sympathy for Lady Vengence so...

It's quite a quirky storyline... A girl who thinks she's a cyborg meets another 'guest' in the mental institute. See the trailer here. This movie is due out in December, which means we will probably only see it in Singapore in the first quarter of 2007.. if we are lucky.

He's been busy with lots of CF, which equals lots of money. Here are just some of them. I'm sure the fans of Rain would be able to name a whole lot more but I can only keep up with the latest few..

KBS Star Card
SK Telecom Nate

He's also recently become part of the Giordano CF together with Jang Dong Gun. (No more Lee Jun Ki, I'm rather sad to note :( Sigh) I must say it's a rather good CF and the 2 guys have a good rapport. Hmm... JDG seems to have lost quite abit of weight. Those of you who like to watch men strip (ahem... a certain Ms B) you should like this.

Rain's Giodarno CF v 1
Rain's Giodarno CF v 2

But it is really his latest MV, made in part for BMW that reminded me of how good a performer he is. It was his various performances for his last album, It's Raining that drew my attention to this young man. This is one great MV. This man really has lots of energy and the beemer looks really cool....

MV- Still believe

And if you have time.. you can go watch the making of this CF here

I won't be going to watch his concert in Korea...'s really expensive. I live in hope (lots of it, fuel by lots of rumours going around) that he will be heading to this sunny little island sometime next year.

From Yesasia-
Two years after his last album, Rain finally comes back with his fourth, which promises to be the most important of his career. To promote the release, Rain will be going on a world tour. The tour will start in Seoul and include stops in the US, Japan, China, Singapore, and more, for a total of 35 concerts in 12 countries. What stands out in particular is his concert in Las Vegas, another first for one of Korea's most talented artists.

His latest album- Rain Vol 4 is on pre-order Yesasia now. I shall be looking forward to it. If it's anything like his latest MV, that it should be good. ^^

My Korean teacher has said many times that Rain has a cute baby face but the body of sexy man.... And yes, she 비는 너무,너무 좋아헤요. Wonder what the crowd would be like if he does come here...


For more Rain fever, Marrisa has a blog devoted to this man. Click here to read about the latest on him. (Marissa, where do you find the time to have so many blogs????)


bb said...

thanks for that... so rain is doing giordano CFs too? actually i really like giordano CFs from korea, they're way cooler [and in some cases, hotter!] than ours :p

me want to watch the cyborg movie thingy! hopefully wont have to wait that long. there's been abit of a drought of nice korean movies in singapore lately :(

bb said...

and... haiyo, your giordano spelling @_@

but the CF's good fun! haha, love the skipping bit at the end... can you imagine BYJ skipping...?!!! hahaha...

p.s. mmm, wonder which certain Ms B you're talking about...? mmm...

Jos said...

oops... sorry, i will return the disc to you next week. totally forgot abt it :P

tiffany said...

bb, does SG Giordano have any CF? Can't remember but yes, those in Korea are really cool. BYJ skipping? Hmm... a little hard to imagine. But he did attempt at some sort of a dance...

My spelling...hehehe! I'll make a terrible proof reader... Thanks for pointing out to me. ^^

tiffany said...

Jos, I forgot about it too till I wrote this. It's ok. Just teasing you. See you next week.

marissa said...

Honestly I dont know where I find the time to maintain my blogs and post at various forums I help moderate. Must love them to make time.

I'm looking forward to his 4th album titled "I'm Coming" and some friends are flying to Korea next week for his showcase.

bb said...

hee... singapore giordano doesn't do TV CFs, i think. never saw any. but their print ads and in-store posters... really boring right?

아이니 Aini said...

Hi Tiffany. So u like Rain.... I saw his concert - the one with the erotic dancing...hmmm....

I wish they would show Korean cfs in Sngapore... That would've been lovely.

tiffany said...

Hi anisardi
Welcome! ^^ I wouldn't say Rain is on my list of side dishes. hehe! But I will dsay that he is a good performer, a good artiste and I would crtainly go and watch his concert in Singapore as long as it doesn' cost me an arm and a leg.

Yeah.. woulnd't it be great if we could get Korean CFs here?

You just never know...maybeone day..

Btw, my new post should be of interest to you judging from your avator. : )