Thursday, October 12, 2006

May I check in now?

Dong Hyuk- Can I check in now?
Jin Yung- May I ask how long will you be staying?
Dong Huk- Forever

A couple of months back, I saw some episodes of the HK drama, Revolving Doors of Vengence. It was set within a hotel and the opening scenes reminded me so much of Hotelier. Recently, bb posted an article about BYJ having what it takes to be a true hotelier. Then about 2 days ago, I received an email from the 'CEO' of

What can I say? Is it a sign to talk about this drama again, even though I've already mentioned about it once briefly here.

A quick check revealed that I've joined the website, Hotelier2002 on the 29th Jan 2003. That's coming to 4 years. A rather long time. Bu I've come to enjoy this 'hotel', probably because the 'guests' are all fans of the drama, Hotelier.... and not necessarily fans of Bae Yong Joon or Song Yun Ah.

And as I read some of the threads in the Hotelier, it brought back much memories, not just of the drama but also of my friendship with these guests. Indeed, some of the information and discussion on the site are such gems that I want to share them with you here.

From the Land of Morning Calm- Mission Impossible... Possible? TT, the hotel's 'CEO' went in search of the elusive lighthouse. I honestly don't know how she managed to do it.

From the Gallery section, there is the Cut Scene thread and one of the scene discussed was the kiss in Casablanca. Why was it cut? Because it wasn't required but BYJ was determined to do his job thoroughly after dismal acting on his part in the earlier kiss. bb has uploaded the clip here and you can find out more about what happened. hehe!

And then there are the X Files, which are well... X Files... questions that may never be solved....Read the discussion on Frank Shin's hairstyle here. It's hilarious as the guests analysed in earnest on the changes of Frank Shin's hairstyle as the drama progress. (actually, I didn't even notice about the changes till they raised it)

In the lobby section, there are 2 threads still ongoing.

One of them is The Most touching moment in Hotelier. For me, it would be the scene of SDH at the lighthouse, after meeting his father. SDH cut a very lonely figure with just the lighthouse, the sea and the song "Life is but s Dream". I really loved that song and have uploaded the original version here

The other is The funny things about Hotelier. Seems most of us are tickled pink (including me) with Manager Wu's comment about the “Penguin's (Manager Lee) legs being rather pretty. This was after a spat between the two of them where Manager Lee was called a penguin and manager Wu was called a wolf. The expression on Manager Wu's face was really funny.

Over the years, the guests at this 'hotel' have expanded onto other things and often we will go off-topic. Actually, we always go off-topic. hahaha! Extract from family...(now having tea)

Ok, this is one very blur guest/ family member checking...
Did something happened ?
Or I guess I shouldn't ask...
Well, my husband's (or rather most English) solution to settling any argument- have a cup of tea.
Or martini also can, preferably with Frank Shin for company.

Help! Need traffic control in Casablanca....

“I like a nice cup of tea in the morning
I like a nice cup of tea with my tea
And when it's time for bed... there's a lot to be said
For a nice..cup of tea!”

How can one drink a cuppa tea before bed?
All that caffeine....immunity? Or is it decaf?
Earl Grey after dinner is good, when the aftertaste of coffee doesn't appeal.

It was followed by about 6 pages on discussion of tea.

Some of the guests have left, some have gone on to other things, some have had babies but most of us still pop by every now and then, as we have become friends. ^^

BYJ too formed a firm friendship with Mr Lee (the ex CEO of BOF) whilst he was filming this in the States. When BYJ wanted to set up BOF, he invited Mr Lee to join him. Though Mr Lee is no longer the CEO there, I'm sure they are still good friends. It was also around this time that Manager Yang became his manager. And now Manager Yang is one of the director at KeyEast.

When BYJ filmed Hotelier, it was 2 years after his last drama, "Have We Really Loved". Some will say his acting was a little stiff after 2 years of absence. He himself was nervous.. as expected. But most of us love the coolness, aloofness and the hunter Frank Shin/ Shin Dong Hyuk... whether in work or in love. I remembered being so impressed when I see BYJ walking into the prison and when he was in the helicopter. I went like :"Wow! He is so different from Kang Jun sang in Winter Sonata". Although his English in the prison and the car was a little To this day, I still can't really figure out what he was saying in the car. But I know he tried very hard and he was pretty good in the later scenes. One day, I hope, really hope to hear him speak in English.

bb has written a comprehensive post on BYJ and the Hotelier Days. It's in Part 1 and Part 2 She's really put up a lot of information, photos, clips and links, so do go and read it if you haven't.

I've been to Sheraton Walker Hill twice, where the drama was filmed. And each time, I still get a thrill. Like WS, I can clearly remember each of the scenes being played at the various sites.

Clips to watch:
The Day We Met
For Love

The church scene

The compassionate scene

The Casablanca kiss scene

The Swimming scene

Behind the scene

(BYJ mentioned that it took him 5 times before he could break the wine bottle)

The Diamond Villa dance scene

You have built a hotel in my heart


Toujours_BYJ said...

wow, Tiff, what a wonderful posting ! is the website that for the fisrt time of my life, I've registered as a member (even before Quilt and KOB) and I will never forget the kindness of Haze&TT and all the people there, we had so much fun on some threads.
Thank you Tiff, and now I want to watch Hotelier again.

tiffany said...

Hi Camille

We had lots of fun, didn't we? I remember I think Peg and Jeong was discussing about perfume with you once...on one of the off-topic threads.

Hmm... found out alot of my links didn't work. Don't know why but I've rectify that already. Thanks for telling me bb. ^^

bb said...

hehe, so coincidental... i was just posting some hotelier clips on loveyongjoon two nights ago :p

seems like tis the season to rewatch hotelier :p

아이니 Aini said...'s the deal. I am not goo-goo-ga ga over BYJ. BUT...BUT....I thoroughly enjoyed his performance in both winter sonata and hotelier. I think he captured the essence of a chocolate brownie really well in hotelier.

Yes! Yes! I remember the scene where he told her that he would be staying forever in the last scene.

Swimming pool scene...hmm....

Anyway, good job on the post. For the records, I watched this drama twice. And I think I will watch it again if I have the time.

In the meantime....back to Shin goon.

아이니 Aini said...

By the way, Has anyone been to Walker Hill in Seoul? I was tempted to go over there when I was in seoul, but then, hor...very far, never go lor.... Think only, also count or not?

tiffany said...

bb, tis must be the season for Hotelier. I just realised that Frances has also posted on this dramaon her blog

tiffany said...

Err... ani....thinking doesn't really count lah. I've been to the hotler twice and I think quite most of the BYJ fans have been there too. It's not that bad lah. I think you can take a train to the foot of the hotel and then take a cab up. Think there are buses going up.

Me listening to Yul goon's newly released album. ^^

Yee Yee Htay said...

Hi Tiffany,

What a coincident !! I said the very same thing when I saw him in the prison and on the helicopter. Hotelier is the second Korean drama, I watched. WS is the very first. I've just watched it again on Monday night.
Thank you very much for all the postings, which I can learn a lot about this wonderful person.