Monday, October 09, 2006

Korean Language

Ever since I could watch the Korean drama/ movie in its original Korean sound track, I have never again touched a dubbed show within a ten-foot pole.

Never mind that some of these shows may not have subtitles and I haven't a clue about what they're talking about.
Never mind that some of the subtitles are so bad that I can't make any sense out of the translation.
Never mind that I have to squint my eyes at the sub-titles whilst trying to follow the drama.

It's so much more rewarding and meaningful hearing the actors' own voices. I mean, how can anyone replace BYJ's voice? or Jang Dong Gun's? Horrors! It makes a whole world of difference as part of thrill (and the acting) is in their voices.

But of course eventually, I got greedy. I really, really wanted to know what they were saying but beyond understanding "Annyyong Hasaeyo" and "Kamsahamneeda", I didn't understand what was going on.

So, the solution?

Take up Korean Language.

I've been studying it for the last 2 to 3 years...on and off.. and sadly, I'm still no good. 미안헤요...선생님.

Oh sure, I know more words and understand maybe about 15% more but it's still a struggle. And I blame it on the complexity of the language (ok....maybe a tiny part is due to my laziness.. but let's not dwell on that).

But wait a minute, according to all the Korean text that I've read, the Korean language is one of the easist to master in the world. In fact, after reading ainisardi's blog, I discovered it's Hanguel Day today.


Korean culture places much emphasis on age, seniority and position, so their language reflects this, just like the Japanese language.

Therefore to say a simple sentence like 'I give her an apple', I could say it in at least 4 ways, from super formal, to semi formal to informal to rude.

Singaporeans will just say.."Give her lor."

And it doesn't help that half the time, the Koreans don't speak like text book conversation. (to be fair, most of us don't write and speak the same way) BUT how am I to learn this way?????

Nevertheless, I've learnt some words and phrases that I think will be useful if I should ever see BYJ or any of my side dishes. It should roughly be in sequence but you could always jump if you want to.

오모! - (omo!) This one got no meaning.. more like a word you utter when you are surprised, like when you suddenly see BYJ/LBH/JJH/HB or any of the cute actors infront of you.
안녕하세요 - (annyong haseyo) Hello
좋아해요 - (joah haeyo) I like you
사랑해요 - (sarang haeyo) I love you
잘생긴남자 - (jarlseng gin nam ja) handsome man (pointing at said object)
맛있어요 - (mashi soryo) delicious (맛있는남자- delicious man.. hahaha! err... better not say this)
집에어디에요? - (jibei ordi eiyo) Where is your house?
같지 갈까요? - (katchi kalgayo?) Shall we go together?

But if you want to go further...then you can go to bb's post...where she will teach you how to say strip. hahaha! Just make sure you say it correctly. You don't want to end up stripping yourself when actually you want Ju Ji Hoon or Hyun Bin or BYJ to strip.


Happy Hangeul Day!
화딩! Fighting! 아자! Aja!


bb said...


you'll probably say it's unintentional, but you know your korean lesson is very very very suggestive! just re-read and note the sequence of things!! wakaka!

you first say 'hello', then you tell someone you like him or you love him, and you also say you think he's handsome. no, in fact you go further and point to said handsome man and tell him he's good enough to eat. then you ask him where his house is. and finally, you say, "shall we go together?"

with my mastery of the word 'strip' and your basic korean lesson, i'm so ready to speak korean...! but haha, why do i get the feeling these words are best uttered in a club or something? :p

yokee said...

ladies don even try saying what tiff taught at those myeondong streets where those k guys standing outside the restaurant 'promoting' their food.

there was once when inn and i nearly got 'pulled' in by the guy bcos we were looking at him. he lengchai we were looking at him longer than we were supposed to. so imagine if u said what tiff taught (in bb' interpretation) what will happen???? :p hahahaha

anyway tiff ar...the last line should be 같이 갈까요 (katji kalkkayo) ^^

tiffany said...

bb... like I said on your sentences are very simple and innocent. But of course, if you were to say your mastery of the word "strip" after you said all my sentences... to a said man/ woman..then of course, i cannot be responsible for the consequences.


tiffany said...

yokee- now why on earth would you want to go around saying those sentences to men standing aorund in Myeongdong. That though has never, ever crossed my mind.

And if you did say those sentences to a cute young man.... well....if it's a cute man like say BYJ.... I would like to know what would happen. hahahaha!

Sorry, this is an ajuma speaking ok.

Btw, thanks for the correction.

아이니 Aini said...

ㅋㅋ you all so funny, hor.....재미 있내..

Toujours_BYJ said...

Tiff and bb,
I've saved your 2 lessons and now I know what to say to wuri YJ if I go to Korea and meet him, ha ha ...

tiffany said...

ainisardi- hehe! My teacher will probably shake her head and sigh if she knew what what I'm doing. hahaha!

tiffany said...

Camille- like I said... just be careful about the word, 'Strip'. The rest are very safe... really....

(maybe just leave out the delicious man sentence). ^^