Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Goong 2/ Prince Hours

Well, I guess the publicity for Goong/ Princess Hours in Singapore is still on going. There's actually a full page interview with Kim Jung Hoon (Yul goon) in yesterday's Straits Times. Well, as we all know none of the main casts from Goong 1 will be in the second season.

Guess what, they've finally confirmed the casts for Goong 2 or Prince Hours.

Yes, it's not going to be Princess Hours... because well, it'll be about a prince entering the Palace. And after weeks of speculation... Se7en (Choi Dong Wook) has finally confirmed he will be in it.

The synopsis:

Lee Hoo is a delivery boy working in a Chinese restaurant. Though poor, he has a sunny and optimistic disposition. He frequently delivers food to the Palace. And then, one day... he discovers he's actually a Prince! That's when the fun begins... with Prince Hours. Apparently, this story was inspired by a real story in Korea history.

The cast:

Lee Hoo- Choi Dong Wook/ Se7en
Lee Hoo... is a normal delivery guy, who one day discovers that he is not so normal after all... he has Royal blood in him. Just like Goong 1, much will be made of the contrast in his life before and after entering the Palace.

Se7en is young but he's been in the showbiz for 4 years as a singer. This will be his first step into acting (like I said... actors are becoming singers...singers are becoming actors etc... not that I'm complaining). I've not bought his album, so I can't really comment. He will be releasing his 4th album end of this month. He's also planning to enter the US market and will be performing there this month... Looks like he's going to be very busy for the next few months.

MV- Passion
      Come back 2 me (I like the dog a lot)
      Song in drama Smile Again

Hmm... except for the last one, I just realised that I do know the other 2 songs. Much comparison has been made between him and Rain. You will have to make your own judgement about this.


Yang Soon Ae- Huh Lee Jae
From the character synopsis, I guess she's a childhood friend of Lee Hoo. And probably girlfriend of this newly discovered prince. She too has a sunny disposition.. perhaps a little dreamy?

Huh Lee Jae (as it is written on BOF's website) is an artiste under BOF. She's been dubbed as a younger sister of Kim Tae Hee and it's not difficult to see why... they've both got big, beautiful eyes (So jealous!). I'm glad to see BOF's artistes going places.. ^^

Her latest movie, Sunflower is with Kim Rae Won. Sunflower will be released in November. You can see her in the movie's press conference


Kang Doo- Lee Joon
He's the prince to start with... till this other prince Lee Hoo came in. Like Shin goon, he's been trained to be a prince all his life.. so I can expect similar traits like being cold and politically correct.

I can't really find much information about this guy as he's quite new. I only know that he's in the 3rd season of Hello Francesca (a quirky show about a group of vampires who boarded the wrong ship and ended up in Korea)


Park Shin Hye- Shin Sae Ryung
Wealthy, smart, pretty... and ambitious. From the synopsis, I'm guessing she's going to fall for Lee Hoo, even though this prince is everything that she doesn't expect a prince to be.

I last saw her in Heaven's Tree (unfortunately, SBS doesn't have a English site, so this is in Korean). And though she put up a credible performance in the drama (I quite like the drama and I really like Lee Wan in it), she was way too young for this role. I'm sure you know that both she and Lee Wan were in Stairways to Heaven...

And oh... Heaven's Tree was fighting with Goong back then.....though of course it wasn't much of a fight lah...


Filming will start in November and will air on MBC in January 2007.

Will it spark another craze? Hmm... who knows... guess we'll have to wait till Jan 2007....

Soompi already has a thread on this drama, you can go here to read about it. Credit to cecilia and sandy @ purpletiger86 at soompi for the information and above picture.

*Edit- I've just found out that Marrisa has blogged about Huh Lee Jae too... hehe! Read it here


Jos said...

about the 'comparison' you mentioned... Se7en will always be my choice. ahahaha!

Spicebears 스파이스베어 said...

Thanks for the update on Goong 2 ;)

tiffany said...

Jos... ^^ Actually, I thought both of them dance really well. Can't comment about the music as I've not really listene closely to both singers.

tiffany said...

Spicebears... nice of you to drop by...

I noticed that your first drama is Autumn in My Heart. ^^ But none of them became your men. hehe!

아이니 Aini said...

hmmm...I am not too happy with the cast. dunno why...but, in good spirit of a goonger, I will definitely give it a chance. But 7 is cute, boy? heart is still full of shin, though...and si kyung oppa of course.

tiffany said...

well.. you never know ani... Afterall, JJH was not well known before the drama and everyone thought the cast for Goong was going to be a disaster. Look how it turned out. ^^

Goong 2 true sequel!! said...

no really this is NOT GOONG 2 because I read that Goong 2's story will be like this Lee Shin and Shin Chae-kyeong are college students who are also the parents of the Hwang-Tae-ja (Chae-Kyeong and Shin's Baby). The life of the family is in danger when the unknown relative of the couple declares himself as the Pae-Hwa (Emperor).ok? if you have questions regarding goong pls. e-mail me thanks

tiffany said...

Hello goong 2 true sequel

This was posted long before news came out that there was problen between Eight Peaks (which own the rights to the original Goong) and Group 8 (which is the company doing Goong S now).

It was originally meant to be a sequel but differences could not be resolved, so Group 8 went ahead to film Goong S (or Prince Hoo or Princ Hours, whichever you want to call it) as a spin-off.

Though Eight Peaks have announced that there will be a sequel, I think I will only believe it when they actually start filming it. Both Kim Jung Hoon and Ju Ji Hoon will have their own seperate dramas coming out soon.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. ^^

Samantha said...

This is Samantha from the Philippines...

Hi! I just want to know if ever there's going to be a Princess hours 2? maybe Ju Ji Hoon and Yun Eun Hye, together with Kim Jung Hoon will also be the starring roles?

tiffany said...

Hi Samantha

There has been talks that there will be a sequel witht he original cats slated for early next year.

BUT, all these are just talks at the moment and until the cast themselves sign and confirm, nobody can be sure about the sequel.

vulgarchic said...

uuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhh no offence but you people who think Goong S AND Goong 2 are the same need to use your internet and google coz they are 2 different things and i agree with tiffany that I'll wait to see what happens when they start filmming the true Goong 2....I found Goong S Soooooo BORING gaaaaah it was so HORRIBLE and i hate the company that decided to make it coz now it's causing a delay in the production of the real Goong 2 ughhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

well just gotta say i'm very very d........disappointed wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why in the world would they not come up another princess hours 2!i already watched this drama and i do know the ending anyway if u want to watch it at dunno if it's complete.but still i prefer princess hours!cuz u know this is more daring i
this is funnier but can't let me
fall in love.anyway no offense guyz but don't appreciate this show!:(

tiffany said...

Hi annonymous...well, whilst the majority seems to prefer Goong 1 (me included), there are fans of Goong S (I know of at least 2 amongst my friends), so I guess to each their taste.

Frankly, I doubt very much the entire original cast of Goong 1 will do a sequel, despite what the production company says. ^^

Btw, I do know the ending.

Twinstars said...

just wondering, if anyone know the song's name that appeared when 'Kang Hoo' walk up to 'Yang Soon-yi' & kissed her passionately at night time before they apart?

if so, could u let me know asap! thanks in advance!!! :)