Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dreaming of Autumn.... in Korea

Ahhh... Autumn...

The crisp cool air...the beautiful golden foliage....taking a walk amongst the great nature....all wrapped up in a big warm jacket and cool-looking boots.... Isn't it a wonderful dream.... really is. Because for the last couple of weeks, the air here has a burning smell....everything is enveloped in a haze...I've been wearing t-shirts and shorts as much possible because of the humidity... and don't even tell me about going outdoors.

The weather over at Seoul is a high of 21C and a low of 15C, with occasional showers. Over here, it's a high of 34C and a low of 25C, with no sign of any rain in the next couple of weeks.

But I can dream still right?

Korea's Autumn Leaves by Tom Coyner He has some amazing photos!

KNTO has some really nice suggestions on where to go during Autumn, including within Seoul. Click here to look at them.

I love the red jacket but can you imagine wearing any of the above right now? I'll become baked pizza in no time.

And since I'm dreaming......I might as well dream further and bigger...... hehehe!^^


Remember Autumn in My Heart (가을동화)? The first of the season series by PD Yoon? I think this was a prelude to the Korean Wave. Both the actors, Song Seung Heon and Won Bin will be out of the army soon. Time sure flies by quickly.

Autumn in my Heart MV

Sigh... I want to go Korea. 한국에 너무 가고싶어요.


bb said...

yea, it almost smells like autumn here alright, what with the smell of burnt leaves and all... but hell, the temperature's definitely nowhere near autumn! hot hot hot huh?

p.s. why don't we just go on our autumn escapade huh? hehe, let's go climb a mountain or something in korea. that's the best season to do that, isn't it? :p

tiffany said...

bb ah... you climb mountain? more like you'll be climbing the shopping malls. hahaha!

It's a horrible burning smell and it's really, really hot!

marissa said...

I heard from friends that autumn is the best time to visit korea. I love the color of the leaves.

bb, you want to go hiking? I don't think I have the stamina for that.

bb said...

actually i like to climb mountains! haha, but v v v slowly though,and provided it's not too hot :p

hee, surprised?

think the autumn leaves would be quite a treat out there and up there :)

rainy said...

looking at the autumn leaves.. reminds me of my autumn trip in Korea several years back. The leaves were so pretty . when i was walking thru the forest..

Yee said...

Wish I could experience Korea like you girls, may be some day ...
Thanks for YJ's picture, he looks so good in black. These pictures you girls posted on your blogs and on joons family web sites are my thirst quenchers.
BTW, did he ever served in military? I've been studying about him from your's and BB's postings, I haven't seen anything about it, of course I am not finished reading the postings yet.

tiffany said...

Rainy... I miss Korea in any season... espeically now with the ^5$#2*7&^ haze in SG. How's the weather down under? Better than here I hope.

tiffany said...

marissa, my first trip to Korea was in Sep.. Not quite enough of the Autumn leaves yet.. but still beautiful. : )

tiffany said...

Yee.. BYJ was excused from military service due to eye problem. He's since had it corrected through surgery. ^^

tiffany said...

bb... so we going to climb the mountain on Jeju? hehe!