Monday, September 18, 2006

Korean tornado in Singapore

For the 1st week of September, Singapore was hit by the Korean Wave rather strongly.

First on the 3rd September, Kwon Sang Woo arrived in Singapore from Indonesia as part of his Asia tour for The Face Shop. As any K fan worth her kimchi knows, he has been the face of The Face Shop, a major Korean cosmetic brand for the longest time ever. He is amongst the top popular artiste today in both Korea and Asia... largely due to the weepy drama with Choi Ji Woo- Stairways to Heaven.


He had a packed schedule...starting with the press conference, followed by a Meet-the-fan session, and then on to IMM to open a Face Shop. The next day, he was going to the Botanical Gardens, where an orchid would be named after him, and followed by a visit to another Face Shop at Marina Square. In fact, I think he had even more events lined up originally but alot were cancelled as he was sick.

I didn't want to spend $160 on The Face Shop products to go for the Meet-the-fans session, so I was actually planning to go down to either IMM or Marina Square to take a look. However, I changed my mind at the last minute. Good thing too coz I wouldn't have been able to see him at all... I heard the place was jam-packed like sardines... There's a clip of him at Marina Square (4th Sep). Click here to watch.

I guess because he's not one of my 'side dish', I didn't feel the urge to go down and take a look at him. I guess he doesn't set my heart a-fluttering even though he's good looking.....

Anyway if you want to see CNA's Susanne Jung's interview with him, click here

Presenting the Vascostylis Kwon Sang Woo

The theme song for SWTH was Bo Go Ship Da, 보고싶다 (or I want to see you/ missing you) by Kim Bum Soo. A really, really beautiful song which I love. Watch Kim Bum Soo sing live here I like Kim Bum Soo... ^^

Here's the youtube link to watch the MV of this beautiful sad. Click here

Oh... here's his latest CF for Bang Bang...


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