Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Korean tornado in Singapore- Shinhwa!

On 10th September, Shinhwa became the first Korean artiste to hold a concert in Singapore. With their latest 8th album, State of the Art, they embarked on an Asia Tour and I was absolutely overjoyed that Singapore was one of the stop. : )

The 5 boys- Andy, Hye Sung, Min Woo, Dong Wan and Jun Jin arrived first on the 8th September. I think the security at Changi Airport must have been cursing and swearing at the arrival of yet another Korean artiste just barely a week after Kwon Sang Woo left. I'm sure they must be thinking..: "These crazy women, don't they have anything better to do?" Arrival of Shinhwa

And what did these boys do after arriving in SG late at night?... They went pub hopping....Yes, all 4 of them except for Jun Jin... whom I think was busy filming for his MV in the hotel room. Well, I guess it's only fair that they have some fun when they're here. In fact, I'm very glad that they went out and partied the night away. It would have been very boring if they just remained in the hotel, like what Bae Yong Joon did when he was in SG.

Poor Eric was still busy filming for his drama and only arrived on the 9th September night. He went straight to the stadium for the rehearsal. Think he was really tired and it showed during the concert.

There were about 5,500 people at the concert and the scary thing was...I kept meeting or seeing people I know or sort-of-know. Gosh, is this K community that small?

I think I haven't felt so excited about a concert for such a long time. LUG, a new Korean group started off the concert. I must say they're pretty good. Will definitely check out their cd later. But hor... they also very young leh. Sigh..

What can I say about the concert? It was good.

It was good not just because Shinhwa was good.

The atmospheare was good as the fans..mostly women, were determind to enjoy themselves by screaming and singing. And rightly so, as that is the only way to enjoy a pop concert.

All the 6 members were clowning around and having a good time. It was obvious that they are very comfortable and know each other very well. Watching them perform can get you into a high.
And Min Woo... woah... he made me dizzy watching him sing and dance. It was really funny. Min Woo is known to strip when he's performing.

So there we were, bb and I.. shouting away..:"Strip! Strip!" At one point, bb even asked me how to say "Strip" in Korean. hahahaha! But anyway, hehe, he didn't disappoint us and granted us a very brief view of his well-toned body. But it was very brief though. Click here to watch. Actually we were not really that crazy lah. And I assure you that's not my or bb's voice screaming away in the background. hahaha!

Some funny moments...

Dong Wan: When I go back Singapore...
Dong Wan: Very kamsahamneeda (감사합니다)???? English + Korean? Can become Singaporean already. haha!
Min Woo:Singapore girls very pretty. You all my girlfriend. All???? he must have had a good time at the pubs.

And this classic... when Jun Jin was being forced to speak English by his fellow members.. I can see him sweating away but trust him to think so quickly. Jun Jin ah.. better start learning some English. Say Ho ho ho!

It was a very good concert though a little short. If only Eric didn't have to fly back to Korea that night, I'm sure it would have been longer. Of course, some of the girls also rushed off to the airport to send Eric off at the airport. Me? Trying to catch a glimpse of my Jun Jin....to no avail. The only guy who came out to greet the group of fans waiting outside the stadium was Dong Wan. Sigh..

And that was the end of a very electrifying night for many of us. In fact, most of us are still on a high. hehe!

I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to see them perform again as I think some of the guys are scheduled to go into army this year. Well, maybe I can catch Jun Jin as he is going to release his first solo album later this year. *Hoping and crossing fingers and toes.*

When will I see these 6 men again? 언제 다시 만날 거에요?

Here are the 2 MVs from their State of the Art album.


You can also catch a short clip of their Singapore trip on MNet here. These guys are so funny and they clown around so much.

And to end this post... their latest Lotteria burger CF.

I want a lotteria burger!!! Preferably with this man below. hahaha!


bb said...

hehe.... now everyone's gonna think we're men-body-crazy :p

so, you never did tell me how to say 'strip' in korean... teach me la... might come in handy in future, you know? *bb blinks very hard*

tiffany said...

bb... who you want to say this to huh? Mr Y?

벗기다 (bor gi da)- strip....

bb said...

bor gi da?

hehe, depending on whether i 'run in' Mr Y first or Mr YJ first... :p

Toujours_BYJ said...

wow, Tiff, thanks for all the the links (especially the Lotteria Burger CF, so funny and cute).

I didn't know that Jun Jin is one of your fave because me too. I don't know this boyband, just Eric (I saw him in Firebird but he's so so for me), but since I saw Jun Jin in Tale of 9 tail fox, I like him a lot.

Ps : and thanks for the Korean word to say strip (btw, how do you know it ?)
bb, I bet you never dare to say it to Mr Y ha ha...

tiffany said...

Camille, Legend of 9 Tail Wolves was where Jun jin captured my attention as well. Of course, now I love them as a music group but Jun Jin is still my fave.

How do I know the word? Hehe! My trusty dictionary lah.

I'd like to hear bb say it to Mr Y and I want to eb there with my vdieo cam t record the scene down. hahaha!

bb said...
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bb said...

actually camille, you're probably right. don't think i'll ever say that word to anyone except in concerts, or if i really do end up with a korean boyfriend, haha :p

p.s. honestly, i also think my yang man looks better clothed than otherwise. he's so skinny!