Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grocery shopping

Went for my monthly Korean grocery shopping yesterday. As usual, it was actually more like snacks than food. haha! Ok, I did try to buy rice (I was harbouring the thought of doing Bibimbap this Sunday). But they didn't have any available so not my fault.

I love the chocopie. hehe! Actually eating Chocopie always reminds me of 2 shows.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
In Ep 13, after Sam Soon climbed the Hanllu mountain on her birthday, she found Ji Heon waiting for her. At first, she ignores him, but when she heard that he has food, she couldn't resist it. He offered her some chocopie and she said something like, "who brings chocopie to the top of a mountain?" He then replied that chocopie taste the best up there in the mountain.

It was one of the many funny scenes, mostly because her expression was so funny when she asked for the food.

The Way Home
The other is in The Way Home, one of the best Korean movie that I've watched. The grandson, a spoilt city brat kept pestering the grandmother for chocopie, KFC and other food. In the end, I think he sold something of hers to buy the things he like. But it was a good ending. Very touching. Btw, this little boy, Yoo Seung Ho is now all grown up and is a teenager now. He will have a new movie soon and will also be acting as the younger version of BYJ in Tae Wang Sa Shi Gi. Looks like he may become another heart-throb when he grows older... ^^

The shop supervisor was very nice and gave me lots of little extra things to try. This is one of them- Custard cake

But hmmm..... it's only so-so.. as it's quite dry and not enough custard in it. But quite soft. Will check out the other little packages later. Hehe! Feels lik Christmas.

And yes, I am having a chocopie now even as I write this. hahaha!


bb said...

omo! i also love love love chocopie! my fave foods put together, marshmallow and chocolate, life really doesn't get much better than this! except perhaps with a scoop of ice cream!

hehe, if we do jejudo, and you feel like going to hallu-san, we bring chocopies, k? but i'm not sure i want to climb all the way to the top la... mountain foot will do :p

and i like lotte ones :)

tiffany said...

Could do with more marshmallow in the filling though.

Errr... mountain foot is not considered as mountain climbing...

bb said...

err... i didn't say we're going to climb mountain what... i said if we feel like going to hallu-san [foot?] :p

Jos said...

hey... I did climb a mountain when I went to Jeju, er... with my platform shoes! I wasn't prepared to climb but the guide brought me there lor so I garangly went mountain-climbing. Guess what I saw - horses roaming carefreely at the mountain top... and I saw tombstones. RIP! :P

Jos said...

oh ya, me think that The Way Home is my fav Korean movie, so far.

bb said...

jos... garangly??!!!

hee... first time i've seen that word in adverb form :p

Jos said...

heehee... as long as you know, i know and maybe tiff knows what it means, can liao.

tiffany said...

garangly? garanged? we are definitely going to confuse all the non-native speakers?

Anonymous said...
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