Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sweet Spy

I finally managed to finish the drama, Sweet Spy. I should say probably say I limped through. I almost gave up towards the end but felt kind of wasted to give it up when I've only 4 more episodes to go.... so I made full use of the FF button on my control. The FF button is a very useful button... especially in such a situation.

Sweet Spy aired end of last year, 2005. It stars Nam Sang Mi, Dennis O'Neil, Lee Joo Hyun and Yoo Sun. I'm not sure if Dennis O (he's Korean-American) was meant to be the main lead as he doesn't speak a word of Korean (like DH in MNIKSS) but I read that half way through, they changed the storyline as Dennis O became popular. And so you have a Korean woman who doesn't speak any English and hardly understands the language, falling in love with a man who doesn't speak Korean though he supposedly understands it. Granted, the man is rather good looking but still, it does seemed raher far-fetched. Though on hindsight, I guess it's no more far feteched than some of the Korean dramas that I've seen.

I must say I much prefer him to Daniel Henney... . I think Daniel Henney has this'I-know-I'm good-looking and I'm-God's gift-to-woman' look. Of course he may not be like that in real life but that's the impression he gave me...

Daniel Henney in Spring Waltz

So which do you prefer?

Gist of the story:
Han Yoo Il is a commercial spy. After stealing a pen that contains important information that could shake the world's politics, he lost it to a Lee Soon Ae, a traffic policewoman. The rest of the story involves him trying all ways and means to get the pen back. Of course, in the midst of it all, he fell in love with the slightly dotty and naive Soon Ae. Coincidentally, this is sort of related to Soon Ae's husband, a policeman who died 2 years earlier whilst investigating a case. And oh, I mustn't forget to add that the rather cool detective Lee Joo Hyun, who likes Soon Ae too.

Throw in the CIA, the Japanese yakuzi, South Korean politics and Chinese government, I can only say that it got rather confusing.

Frankly speaking, with such an unsual storyline, it could have turned out much better. And some parts are rather interesting. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out well enough. Corny lines, uttered by the super cool, super efficient spy, Dennis O didn't helped either.

"Because it's what my heart tells me to do." Aiyoh..... Maybe it's the way he said it...ok, ok, he's a newbie. I should be more forgiving.

And I really could strangle Nam Sang Mi. The way she goes about interogating her suspects and her clueless character frustrates me at times.

However, the character that really puzzles me is Dennis O's assistant/ father figure. He is actually a veteran actor but I don't understand why they would want to make a monkey out of him, with his frequent sommersaults? Even in his own house! From the hall to the kitchen. Why????

Ok, before you think this is totally not worth watching, it is actually not that bad. Well, at least, nobody dies or loses his memory here. Seriously, except for the middle part, the rest are watchable and it got more interesting in the last 4 episodes.

And if nothing else, you can always watch the drama for him...

Credit as tagged on photos.

hehe! I just found out that he shares the same birthday as BYJ but he's only 25. Sigh... such a young boy.

Further information on the drama from MBC


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the original love interest was supposed to be between Nam Sam Mi and the other detective. Howeveer, due to internet response and the popularity of Dennis Oh, they changed the story line. Too bad, because Lee Joo Hyun was much more interesting to watch and there was some serious sizzle between him and Nam Sam Mi.

tiffany said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Yes, I did read that he wasn't supposed to be the main lead...which is understandable as he doesn't speak a word of Korean.

I know quite a few people were rooting for the other guy..he's kind of cute looking too...but

I guess viewers won in the end...^^
Buw, Dennis' Korean improved alot in Witch Yoo Hee...better than my Korean anyway. haha!

Anonymous said...

what's the end of this drama?

sohee said...

hi tiffany! i enjoyed reading ur blog!

Your impression on daniel henney is really hilarious!

"im god's gift to women" HAHAHA!

Hmm, I think Oneill and Henney both are really gorgeous! :) Spoilt for choice! Sometimes I wish my life would be as far-fetched as the korean dramas i watch. HEEEE!

it'd be less mundane to have gorgeous guys around.


tiffany said...

Hi sohee

This is a very old drama. Not the best but still mildly entertaining, if only because of Dennis O. ^^