Thursday, August 10, 2006

Korean wave

You know the Korean Wave or Hallyu has been truely embraced by the society here when:

1) The tv and cable station airs at least 1 to 2 Korean shows per week. And they fight for the latest drama.
2) The radio station plays Korean pop songs on air.
3) The magazines and newspapers all have regular columns on the Korean entertainment scene.
4) The video shops sell as many Korean dramas as they do Hong Kong dramas.
5) All the tour agencies organised tours to Korea.
6) Every single food court that I've been too has a Korean stall, next to the chicken rice and the char kway teow stalls.
7) Every other month, there will be a Korean fair in one of the malls.
8) The big, mass supermarkets have dedicated shelf space for Korean food and snacks.
9) The small mart at a petrol kiosk actually has a Korean food promotion.
10) A Korean theme mall opening in the heartland.

When it becomes mass market, then it is no longer a wave, but a part of the many colourful threads spinning the fabrics of the society.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Singapore is able to do the same too one day in the future?

In the meantime, here's a toast to the land of the Kimchi.

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