Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Almost a star- Mr Yang Guen Hwan

It was Bae Yong Joon's birthday yesterday. He's only 34 but he earns more than me already. Sigh...

Anyway, I'm not going to blog about him. There's more than enough people/ fans out there doing that already and they do a much better job than me.

Instead, I'm going to talk about another equally popular guy, who could probably have his own fan club if he wants to. I know of quite a few girls who are great admirer of him.

Manager Yang (as he is normally known to overseas fans) has been with BYJ for at least 5 years. Today, he is the director of BOF and besides taking care of BYJ, he also helps to take care of the artistes under BOF- like So Ji Sub, Lee Na Young etc.

An artiste's manager is very important because that is the person you will come into contact more often than the artiste himself. He is the PR man, the bodyguard, the co-ordinator and the counsellor all roll into one. He is an extension of the artiste and his beahviour will reflect on the artiste. So if he behaves badly, then I will tend to think rather badly of the artiste too.

I first got to 'know' Manager Yang in 2003 when I went Korea to attend the Untold Scandal premiere. After BYJ left the cinema, Manager Yang went outside to meet the many overseas and local fans who were there. He was literally surrounded. We shook hands and exchanged name cards. But of course he won't remember a single thing.

When BYJ decided to do his Asia Tour in 2004, Ted, together with Manager Yang got in contact with us to help prepare for the fan meeting.

Now I'm not sure how the other artistes and agencies work with regards in preparation for overseas trip. But the 2 men took the whole thing seriously and came down to Singapore at least 3 times. They not only met up with the fan club but also the movie distributor and all those involved. And I'm sure these trips are not covered for by the movie distributor.

Is this normal? I don't think so. But it shows how important this trip was to BYJ and his managers.

Over the course of those few meetings and working together... I discovered something. Manager Yang smiles alot... like BYJ. And he is a very gentle, easy going person. He once told my Korean teacher that the hardest thing was for him to do was to say 'No'. Unfortunately it is part of his job to say 'No' and he has to say it often too.

Arrival at the Changi Airport. Looking a trifle stressed but still smiling. Good thing he doesn't sweat as much as my dong seng.^^

Over the last 3 years, I met him a few more times and saw him in action too.

He's always polite to the fans. If he has to reject you, he almost always do it apologectically. He will try to accomodate when he can. He smiles alot and is professional in his work. But there is still a commanding presence in him. Maybe due to his height? haha!

The only drawback for the overseas fans? He doesn't speak English much. Probably better as he will be beseiged by the fans if he could understand them.

Though he looks good in suits, (which is what I normally see him in) I think he looks better in casual clothes. (bb- you should see him in torn jeans. haha!) One thing for sure, he certainly loks alot better now, as compared to years ago.

(Credit: as tagged on photo)

I think this was in 2001. He was really skinny then wasn't he? And err... dressing could have been better too. Just look at him now!

And oh, did you now that he had a 2 minute appearance in Winter Sonata? hahaha! Most of us only discovered it later. Must remember to ask him one of these days how it felt.

Often, I wonder what the he and the rest of the staff must think of the fans. Do they think we are a crazy bunch of ajumas? If I was him, I would. But he does think so, then I have no inkling of it for he never once show it.

Because of the way he behaves, I have a even better impression of BYJ. For if his manager is such a nice guy and has stayed with BYJ for so many years, then that says alot about BYJ, doesn't it?

Unfortuantely like BYJ, I think he also has no time to find a girlfriend. (yes, yes, I can see all the hands shooting up immediately, offering themselves. Maybe you all should just send in your resume. hahaha!)

Anyway, I hope he will be happy always and find time to rest too amongst the busy schedule.

Ok, girls, you can stop drooling.

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