Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soon Yoon Ah and Lee Dong Wook

Well, finally the event at Tiong Bahru Plaza is over. I had a lot of fun but it's really tiring and I don't think i'll have the energy to this again in the near future. Anyway, you can read about it

I heard quite a few things during and after the event but it's hearsay and I hope they're not correct. Such events are meant to be fun.

It's interesting that my last posting was on Frank Shin coz Soon Yoon Ah is pretty much on quite a few covers and write-ups in the various magazines. Her new movie, Arang, together with Lee Dong Wook is out soon.

Isn't she pretty? I really like her in this photo.

And her co-star.. Lee Dong Wook loks so, so different from when I last saw him in My Girl.

Heard the movie is somesort of detective movie. Good. I can't take horror movies and I do want to see SYA.

Now I wonder when we'll see any photos of BYJ......

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