Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May in Korea and the emergence of the Great King

What's hot in May in Korea? Well, judging by the photos and articles that I've seen in the Korean magazines... I guess the following is receiving quite some attention.

Yeonriji starring Choi Ji Woo and Jo Han Sun finally aired in Korea.

The movie is about the love between CJW, who is terminally ill and JHS, who is a playboy. Nothing new in terms of storyline but I would like to see if there's any chemistry between these two. Surprisingly I didn't find JHS looking too young for CJW despite their age difference. JHS has matured alot since his last movie, Temptation of the Wolves, which I enjoyed immensly.

The smoldering Jo Han Sun and the ever beautiful Choi Ji Woo. I think she is looks better now... she has that look of a confident woman.
Pictures from Premiere, May 06

The cast of Goong or Princess Hours are still receiving much attention, judging from the fact all 4 of them were featured in one magazine or other. The funny part was both Ju Ji Hun and Yoon Eun Hye went to Bali almost at the same time for the photoshoot, fueling talks that they were going on a holiday together. Haha! Actually JJH was shooting for Elle Girl and YEH for An-An. But both magazines came out in May.

And the other prince...Kim Jung Hun.

This drama will air in Singapore later this year. I think it will create much interest then.

Pictures from Screen Interview, May 06

And Lee Jun Ki, having just held his first fan meeting in Korean for 12,000 fans, is clearly still the favourite and darling in Korea now. I think he looks really cool and I know he put in alot of effort for the fan meeting. I am truely impressed and admire him for it. This is one young man who gives his 100% in his works and in returning the support that his fans give him. Truely looking forward to watching his movie, The King and the Clown here in SG soon. He has just wrapped up his latest movie, Fly, Daddy, Fly, originally a Japanese movie. Photos from Cine 21 and Movieweek

Ahh.. Lee Byun Hun. An actor whom I've not heard nor seen for awhile as I have yet to catch his last movie, A Bittersweet Life. He had a huge fan meeting in Japan recently (42,000 people????). Now filming a new movie, The Summer Story, with Su Ae (last seen in the drama, Hae Shin), it has already been sold to Japan for $4 million. That is a lot of money but it's still far from the highest movie sold to Japan so far...

April Snow was sold to the Japan market for $7 million. Wow!

And speaking of April Snow.... BYJ has just revealed a completely different look from April Snow...

Where is the sensitive In Soo that we knew in April Snow last year?

He seems to have disappeared, hasn't he?

I guess the great king will be emerging very soon.... ^^ Just look at that body! It's sizzling hot with sexiness....

Photos from GQ magazine. Scanned and posted on BYJ's Quilt by Style.

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