Thursday, April 13, 2006

Korean music

It used to be that I have a large collection of English cds, followed by Chinese albums.

I'm afraid my Korean music collection is now threatening to dwarf all. Out of curiosity, I listed out my Korean cds collection. I hope my husband is not reading this....

Movie and Drama ost
Autumn in My Heart
All In
Attic Cat
April Snow (3 versions)
My Boyfriend is Type B
Beautiful Days
The Classic
Dae Jang Guem
Full House
First Love
Heaven's Tree
Have we really loved?
Hotelier (2 versions)
I'm Sorry I Love You
Legend of 9 Tail Wolves
Last Dance is with me
Love Letter
Lovers in Paris (2 versions)
Love so Divine
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Maluk Street
Papa/ Barefooted Youth
Sangdo! Let's go to school
Sweet 18
Stained Glass (2 versions)
Stairways to Heaven
Spring Day
Summer Scent
Sad Sonata
Untold Scandal
Winter Sonata (3 versions, including a Thai version???)

Brown Eyed Soul
Bon Seung & Dong Gun
Cho Sung Mo (2 albums, 1 set of 4 cd collection)
Fly to the Sky (2 albums)
Jang Dong Gun
Kim Bum Soo
Kim Jong Kook
Lee Dong Gun (2 albums)
Lee Soo Young
Lee Hyun Woo
SG Wannabe
Sung Si Kyung (5 albums)
Tim (2 albums)
Tei (2 albums)

Compilations sets
BYJ's dramas (1 cd)
Korean dramas (2 cds)
Korean dramas 2002 (2 cds)
First Love (5 cds)
Love Songs 1 (4 cds)
Love Songs 2 (4 cds)
Love Songs (4 cds)
Sympathy 1 (6 cds)
Sympathy 2 (6 cds)
Sympathy 2.5 (4 cds)
Sympathy 3 (6 cds)

Whew! I think I'm in a state of shock. Thank goodness they are hidden away in drawers. Shhhh......

But really, a good drama or movie needs a good ost as well. Or rather a good theme song adds to the enjoyment of the drama/ movie. If the song connects you to the movie by conveying the feelings across... and it makes you want to watch the movie, then it's done a wonderful job and indeed, half a battle is won already.

Who could forget the songs from Winter Sonata. It made Ryu famous. The songs have been translated into Chinese (by 张信哲) and I've heard a Malay version as well. At one time, my neighbour upstairs was playing it almost everyday. And I would stop whatever I was doing to listen to it. ^^ How could Winter Sonata be Winter Sonata without those beautiful songs?

Winter Sonata

Autumn in my Heart? Sad Sonata? And the famous Bo Go Ship Ta (Missing You) by Kim Bum Soo in Stairways to Heaven. I always think of that kissing scene in the skating rink whenever I hear the song.

Lovers in Paris

At one time, everyone was singing (ok, humming) the songs from Lovers in Paris. Lee Dong Gun sang 2 songs from the drama when he was in town last year. But I was really, really thrilled to hear Cho Sung Mo sing live when I attended the April Snow concert in Korea last April. His voice is incredible. Well, that explains why I have so many of his albums.

Sometimes, watching a drama may lead me to totally unexpected singers.
Kim Jung Hun
fr Asta TV, Apr, Eng ed

Kim Jung Hun was from the group UN (which spilt up last year). I've heard them sing live before in a concert 2 years ago but had forgotten about them. And then he acted in the drama, Goong (Princess Hours) recently. Which made me curious enough to buy their last album. It was fatastic.

And the mesmerizing Lee Jun Ki resulted in my purchase of Lee Soo Young's latest album. Because he was in one the mv for her song.

Lee Jun Ki from the Lee Soo Young's mv, Grace

Lee Hyun Woo, Rain and Lee Dong Gun were singers before they cross over to become actors. Both Lee Hyun Woo and Rain are accomplished singers. Lee Dong Gun is really more suited for slow songs but then again, these albums were done long ago when he was still new, so it's difficult to comment. As for Jang Dong Gun, I didn't even know he could sing, but I was obsessed with this song from his drama of long ago, Love. I searched high and low for that song and was so surprised when I found it was sung by him. But I think it would be a waste if he switch to acting.

The Korean music mv (music video) is often a mini story itself and is done really, really well. I'm often really excited to watch these mvs and recognise the many actors, actresses in them- CJW, LBH, Hyun Bin, KRW.... Even BYJ has acted in an mv. It was his one and only mv.

Farewell My Love, by Cho Sung Mo, together with Lee Na Young. Picture scanned and uploaded orginally by Style.

Unfortunately the Korean music scene is still rather lacking over here in Singapore. So I ended buying most of my cds on the net or when I'm over in Korea. It is rather strange that the Korean dramas have taken off so well but not the music scene......

Of course I still don't know what they are singing though I can pick up certain words... like Saranghaeyo..... Yorwonee....Bo go ship ta.... hahaha! So much for my Korean lessons.

Seriously though, I can't imagine life without my Korean music now. I listen to it everyday when I'm working and when I'm not working. But my knowledge still pales in comparison to Jos... who is really the expert in this area.

My current favourite?

UN's Goodbye and Best- Track 1 and 4

What would life be without music? : )

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