Friday, March 31, 2006

Kimchiland - Bae Yong Joon

I think I'm mad to set up another blog. Where am I going to find the time, I sometimes have barely enough time to sleep. I can only plead temporary insanity due to outside influences beyond my control.

I blame this man really:

whom most would associate him with this drama:

Though I really like him in this drama:

Because of him, I started to listen to Korean music, watch Korean movies and dramas, enjoy Korean food, appreciate Korean culture and even learn Korean. I've got Korean cds and dvds than both Chinese and English ones combine. I even speak Korean once a week because of my lessons. Korea has become one of the countries I would like to visit yearly, together with Hong Kong. Now if only I can convince a Korean family to adopt me as their god-daughter? >>>3 I've recently even started doing business with Korean companies. haha! Sounds grand, doesn't it? No, no, it's really a very small thing but it's just so thrilling to be able to say that. Hmm... wonder if I can interest BOF into investing in a small, with much potential Singaporean company.

What I really wanted to say is that I've found so much enjoyment through Bae Yong Joon, but even more so going beyond him. So here on this blog, I want to talk about all that's related to this kimchiland... particularly the men, especially the men. C'mon, admit it, most of us are hooked onto Korean dramas because of the eye candy. Though it's quite embarrassing how young these men are. hehe!

But unfortunately, not all my friends are into kimchiland and kimchimen. They roll their eyes when I start talking about it....the first on the line to do this would being my husband. So I guess to spare them the agony over on my other blog when I start raving about a current distraction, I'll do it over here instead. : p

But as I owe my present state to this Korean man called Bae Yong Joon, I guess it's only right that I start the first page about him. Afterall, he's my main dish... ^^

"It is said that a woman's heart may be shut, but her bossom is always open to men." - Jo Won

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marissa said...

Hi Tiff,

So you fell into the temptation of making another blog like we all do. I got three active blogs and yes it sounds crazy but fun. Don't worry you will find the time to update this site. Cant wait to hear you other insight ~ happy blogging!